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  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 06:07:59 -0500

Yeah, this podcasting is kind of like being in love, especially newly in love.  
It is sometimes tough to think about anything else!

  One thing I thought about for the issue of getting from section to section is 
making a Daisy version of those kinds of shows.  We'd have to come up with some 
scheme that packaged all the associated files, but their overhead is so low, 
why not include them.  We would also need to make sure this whole process of 
getting the file and using it either as a Daisy book or as a plain mp3 was 
transparent to the user, but this actually sounds like a pretty simple matter.. 
 This approach would make navigation on a Daisy player like book Port very 

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  Hi Larry,
  <sigh of relief>  My mail's back in regular form.

  Just wanted to chime in on the format conversation.  I rather enjoyed the 
"variety show" format but I see the merits of having one be able to choose what 
one would like to hear.  So...

  My mind is filled with ideas for podcasts.  So much so that I can barely keep 
my thoughts on my studies for my Word class.  <grimace>

  That's it for now.

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