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Well I do a lot of going through menu's and tab's but only the ones that are 
of importance.  I need to do this for the beginners out there.  I am sorry 
if it upsets the more advanced people but I am trying to help anyone using 
Nero.  I hope when it's done it doesn't bore you to death.


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I'd personally love to listen to casts on both Nero and Norton Ghost, but
one caveat.

I get borred with those endless software reviews where the screen reading
user takes us through every tab in every dialog box.

I'd much prefer a user to say something like "options has four tabs,
general,  view, settings and preferences. Most of this is standard stuff,
but you actually set your output directory under preferences and other file
related options are curiously enough under    settings."

It is also great if they skip the install step unless there's something
unusual about installing the software. Since Windows is fairly standard, I
like it when reviewers cover everything that is non-standard and skip the


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