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I only wish that the company update it's dictionary. We have so many new words that have been added to the English language. I prefer using Word Web. However, I do enjoy playing the word games.
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I have owned a Language Master for years and still use it almost every day. I couldn't imagine life without it. As a child, I used to spend hours reading the braille dictionary at our school. When I received an optacon, the first book I spent any time reading was a Webster's dictionary. The Language Master is indeed one of the neatest writing tools available. I often recommend it to blind foreign students learning English.


Jake Joehl wrote:
Hey everyone. I just finished listening to Chris Judd's podcast on the Language Master SE and I enjoyed it very much. I own one of those, and I love it. There are so many cool things you can do with it. The woman on the instructions cassette sounds like she is a chain smoker.

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