[bct] Re: Noisy restaurants and noise in general

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I like bagpipes too, but this restaurant incident was the combination of an 
already overly noisy restaurant and the musicians volume just seemed to send 
my husband into some sort of neural overload.  He absolutely could not sit 
there with the volume of noise of the restaurant patrons and the bagpipes 
and drums in such close proximity.  He has a more severe reaction to loud 
noise than I do, even though I find it bothersome and unpleasant.  The 
bagpipes would have been fine outside in the parade but not in that noisy 
and confined environment, at least for us.

I think the correct word is unbeknownst.  The MS spell checker gives its 
approval at any rate.  Smile!

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While I hate loud music I make an exception for bagpipes. Coming from
Dunedin which is full of Scottish settlers and described as the Edinburgh of
the south, I'd have to like them. We were having a Christmas function a
couple of years ago when suddenly the door burst open and these bagpipes
started playing. Apparently un-be-known to us the pipe band was having their
Christmas function at the next table. Most of us loved it but we did have
one bagpipe hater among us who shuddered throughout. Un-be-known is a true
word, isn't it? When I write it with no hyphens Jaws butchers it.


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