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I have a funny story and a different take on this.

A number of years ago, I had a noisy neighbor who had her giant stereo
speakers hung on the wall that adjoined our apartments.  I asked her
nicely for a few times to turn down her music.  She did not.  I
complained to the landlord, Nothing.  So one night, reasoning that it
was music I was about to record and not someone's private
conversation, I stood in the middle of my living room and recorded the
sound.  The next day, I called the landlord down and was once again
complaining to her abut the sound.  She asked if I would mind turning
down the stereo I had playing so she could hear me.  I told her that I
had wished I could do the same thing when I had recorded what she was
now hearing from my next door neighbor as I stood in the middle of the
living room.  My neighbor was gone within the week.

I suspect the difference here is that I was recording music and not a
private conversation or private screaming, if you will.


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Hello Hope,

I don't know the official laws, but I have a very hard time believing
that it would be against the law to record sounds that you hear within
your own living space.  I personally would feel perfectly justified to
record any sounds that make their way into my apartment.  

Isn't it interesting that we are being photographed by businesses and
government and private individuals everywhere we go and I've never
heard that it is illegal to photograph someone without their


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Dan and everyone,
I definitely appreciate the information.  I had thought about
recording some

of what goes on just to show how it sounds from my apartment, but, I
realized, and Dan verified, that it would probably be illegal to do
sort of thing.  I hate to be annoying about this, after all, it's a 
sacrifice you make when renting an apartment, but sometimes, things
do get a bit extreme.  I don't want to seem uptight and mean, -- after
everyone's opinion of noisy is different -- but my seizures are my
concern.  I'm not a noise freak either, after all, I'm a musician, and
have to have a certain tolerance for loudness, but usually that's much
interesting noise than this.  If they had, say, loud music, I think it

wouldn't be so grating to the ear, but the noise is usually screaming,
other negative things related to that, and not just the child
Anyway, enough of my complaining for today.  I already feel like I've
that quite enough.  Thanks again though everyone.

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> Hi Dan. Your mention of noisy neighbors got me to thinking about 
> something. Every night my roommate and I have to put up with this
> Actually I am quite used to it from living with noisy au pairs and 
> their friends and such.
> But my roommate absolutely can't stand it. The apartment up above us
> home to a mother and two of her sons, although one is away at
college most

> of the time and the third son lives in downtown Chicago. At night
> all

> three or even two of them are home, they like to wrestle. My
> has
> at times taken it upon himself to go up and pound on their door, and
> rudely tell them to please tone it down or cut it out. But I swear
> time he does this, I can't hear him because my door is shut. I think
> rather unpopular now since he is so mean to them. They aren't even
> loud, at least I don't think they are. It just sounds loud because

> so close by. But they're a very nice family.
> BTW, the technicians who were out here said that our server problems

> were
> caused by the weather.
> Jake
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>> Hope, your situation may not be hopeless.  What?  Me, make a pun?
>> Anyway, where was I before I so rudely interrupted myself.  Oh yes,
>> the noisy neighbors above your head.
>> Since you have tried to resolve the issue with them, there are
>> directions you may go.  First, scan in your lease if you have a 
>> scanner and read every word.  There may be a noise policy in your 
>> apartment complex or a good neighbor policy that is being violated.

>> Next, contact the management and alert them to the continueing 
>> problem and, if they seem unresponsive, provide documentation of
>> medical condition and need for
>> sleep during the reasonable night hours.
>> If this gets you nowhere, contact the attorney general of your
>> and seek to learn if there are laws or court decisions regarding 
>> tennant rights and noise of other tennants.  Several states have
>> and court decisions that, basically, tell landlords they are 
>> responsible for keeping tennants quiet and orderly.
>> There is a legal principle in play in all states called "quiet 
>> enjoyment." This dates from the old English common law.  When you 
>> have what is called a leasehold estate, your rental contract, 
>> basically, you have the right to
>> quiet enjoyment.  Some states take this more seriously than others.
I do
>> not know where you are located, so have no clue about your state.
>> I would suggest recording the child screaming, but in many states,
>> recording another person without their knowledge is illegal, and
>> not want you to run afoul of the law.
>> Good luck,
>> Dan
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