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  • Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 17:24:30 +0100

Maybe another hint for dealing with large volumes of mails is to group them by conversation. Mind you this does need a bit of care, as one press of the delete key will nuke the whole thread - sometimes that's exactly what you want! But don't forget you've done it, that's all.

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Hello. I definitely don't want to start anything here, but it would seem
that you're taking far more time to complain than it would take to keep
deleting stuff you don't want to read or to set up filters for the topics
you're not interested in. I came home from a couple days out of town last
night and had over 400 e-mails. It only took me an hour or so to wade
through everything; I'd open the messages that had a subject line I was
following, and if it wasn't a topic I wanted to read, I just deleted it and
went on my merry way.
Anyway, the unsubscribe instructions are probably on the blind cool tech
web site.
If you're after a list that is only technical, this is probably the wrong
place. Sure, most of us love technology, especially technology that is
useful to blind folks, but we have other interests as well. I think that's
what makes this list so cool.
Well, that's my take on this, for whatever it's worth. I have no plans to
pursue the subject any further, as that genuinely would be a waste of time
and energy.

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