[bct] Re: No time anymore

  • From: "Maria L" <raynbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 08:24:08 -0500

Most lists have a pretty straightforward interface.
And put unsubscribe in the subject and body of the message.
That way, if the mail server doesn't like subject line commands, you can put it in the body, and almost every other list management software will understand.
As for delete, grouping messages by thread has definitely helped me get rid of messages I don't want to read. It's the curse of high traffic lists that not everything is going to be of interest, and so far, even when people stray off topic, someone will eventually change the subject if it's really that important.
Just my thoughts, Maria

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I would like to ask how to unsubscribe. For about the past month, if it isn't one person trying to make a smart ass remark, it's another taking a valid question and making fun of it, and then, the threads just never die do they. Folks, there is a practice called hitting the delete key, yes, however, looking back in my sent items, I have found over 200 e-mails about The litterbox podcast that were not even relevant to the subject, and some of which were even quite down right smart ellic and quite rude in my opinion. i see about another 100 or so here on the Teamtalk/Skype argument of which was better. I am not a mod, however, I can't take this any longer. This has gotten out of hand! You all can't expect someone to sit here when they have a life, and constantly devote their time to hitting the delete key. Yes I could set up filters, but again, that takes time. Time that I should not have to make due to people who don't follow e-mail
etiquette properly.

A lot of us may like those threads but if you are like me, sure, a little joking around is fine, but when a technical list becomes nothing but joking, or being sarcastic to one another, that's where I draw the line.

I can't take this high traffic anymore! Either one, we get back to the way this list origionally was meant to be, or I am leaving case closed. And, in the event, I choose the latter, to leave, how do I do so?


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