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  • Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 13:35:41 -0700

Chris, Take your bickering off list. This is not the place for it. no one wants to hear about your tirades and emotional problems.

At 01:30 PM 5/21/06, you wrote:

I never stated I didn't like you.  You're certainly entitled to your opinjion.

I'd still like us to be friends. Just because I may blow up or have a rotton day doesn't mean that you don't have the right to voice your opinion. Hey, I did, so don't feel like you have to keep it inside. If something pisses you off, then do like I did and say it. maybe not as rudely as I did, but still, don't hold it in. I'm not annoid you saying how you felt.


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Perhaps you should try being a bit more polite yourself? I've seen your messages today, and I don't much care for the tone myself. If you don't like me now, fine.

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OK, so I'm being rude, OK, then, if that be the case, then tell me why I've
not yet been banned.  Frankly, if I were, at this time I really wouldn't
care.  Go to show who my real friends are.  Obviously no one except one
person who I will not mention, has agreed with me one hundred percent.  I
have had a horrible day and these threads aren't helping matters.  I can't
join midi mag as the mod hates my guts, so thus, so much to Dan's idea.
Serves me right though.  It's proably true I'm a royal fuckin ass hole.  o,
whoops did I really just say that, yeah, I think I did.  Come on, ban me.  I
wonder why I get kicked off so many lists, I know I may not be approching
this list with the best attitude, however I will *not* stay around for you
guys to make fun of other members for not realizing something's a joke, or B
being competative, or C, putting others down saying they're rude, etc.
Frankly, if I *were* the mod, I know quite a few right about now who would
be if nothing else, on moderation.  You wanna say I'm being rude, o, go tell
it to the king.  See if I care.  All I ever wanted was for friends to help
me and talk to me when I need them.  Instead, the blindness community has
done nothing but hurt me.  God dammit, I hate being blind.  i go up on for
the people, and immediately folks leave the room.  I sign on msn, and
immediately others sign out.  I write on certain lists, and either get
criticized or banned almost right away.  I start a mailing list on yahoo
groups and trust someone enough to be a co mod, and what do they do? Take
over the list, and then ban me.  Yes, ban me, the damn creator of the list.
If this is the way that blindness always is:  being rejected, being let
down, promises being broken, people neglecting to spend time with me, people
refusing to take me to local activities in my area... if this is how
blindness is and always will be, then I'd honestly rather be dead.  Yeah,
you heard me right, so don't ask, did I hear that right.  Yeah, you do.  I
said dead.  D, e, A, d.  Dead.  All I can say, is unless the one person who
wrote me off list, you know who you are, considers my suggestion, I say show
me how to un sub, or Neal, please do it for me, and my final words would
then in that case, be, screw this list.

Maybe I am in deed being down right rude, but I am morbidly hurt beyond
words.  Why does everyone have to break my heart like this.  All I ever
wanted was friends, and I tried as hard as ever to make them, but obviously
no one cares.  Great:  now I'm crying.  but what do you all care.  It
doesn't matter anyway.  Just... just... just leave me alone!  I think aside
from maybe 3 peole on here which I talk to quite regularly, I don't wanna go
as far as to give names so I'll give nick names, one would be Monster, and
the other would be Turtle.  Aside from them, it's nothing but negativity.
So aside from them, none of you ever again will hear from me, unless you
contact me personally at which point I'll gladly reply, but other wise,
forget it.


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JChris, you are being very rude!
This isn't a tch list. Its for discussion of the podcast and topics that
people come up with. Personally that thread bored me too I just hit
who knows I could be the creator of the next boring topic. No one has any
right to tell people how to act on thisis list besies the mods. This is
of my favorite lists because it is so low key talk about everything

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I would like to ask how to unsubscribe. For about the past month, if
isn't one person trying to make a smart ass remark, it's another taking a
valid question and making fun of it, and then, the threads just never die
they.  Folks, there is a practice called hitting the delete key, yes,
however, looking back in my sent items, I have found over 200 e-mails
The litterbox podcast that were not even relevant to the subject, and
of which were even quite down right smart ellic and quite rude in my
opinion.  i see about another 100 or so here on the Teamtalk/Skype
of which was better. I am not a mod, however, I can't take this any
This has gotten out of hand! You all can't expect someone to sit here
they have a life, and constantly devote their time to hitting the delete
key.  Yes I could set up filters, but again, that takes time.  Time that
should not have to make due to people who don't follow e-mail
etiquette properly.

A lot of us may like those threads but if you are like me, sure, a little
joking around is fine, but when a technical list becomes nothing but
or being sarcastic to one another, that's where I draw the line.

I can't take this high traffic anymore! Either one, we get back to the
this list origionally was meant to be, or I am leaving case closed. And,
the event, I choose the latter, to leave, how do I do so?


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