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  • Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 10:40:32 -0800

Okay, the best thing might be to e-mail them. I actually think though that it says on the site which ones will work independently and which ones will not. basically if it does not say this will only work with text aloud, then you know it can safely be used. I guess I can only confirm for sure that the real speak and acapella voices require it.


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No.  You do not have to buy Text allowed to use the Neo speech voices.

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Subject: [bct] Nextup Voices

Hi. I'm a little confused after poking around the nextup.com site for awhile. I see that you have to buy Text Aloud to use some of the voices Nextup sells. Is that true of the Neospeech and RealSpeak voices too?

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