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  • Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 17:44:41 -0700

Hi, Ray:
I had the same problem with JAWS crashing. What you need to do is to manually 
start up JAWS with a shortcut key, try to use Control-plus-alt-plus-J, instead 
of having JAWS start up automatically when windows loads. For some reason, when 
the JAWS starts automatically when your computer starts up, the Neospeech 
voices have a problem. See if that works.
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  Well, you do not have to buy Text allowed to gtet the voices.  I bought and 
use the AT&T Natural voices US. English Mike and Chrystal.  Now, I also have 
the Neo speech voices Kate and Paul; but, I can't get them to work.  Every time 
I install them and try to run them, JAWS crashes.  Any suggestions for this?

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  From: Jenny Axler 
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  Subject: [bct] Next up voices.

  Hello all,

  We've had some discussion about this, but i never got a clear answer to one 
of my questions.  It is possible to purchase a variety of voices from Next up.  
These voices are supposed to be Sapi 5 compliant.  What I am wanting to know 
is, do you have to purchase the Text aloud program for these voices to work 
with Jaws or any other screen reader that uses SAPI 5, or can you just purchase 
the voices without Text Aloud.  The website tells me you must do both, but of 
course, they want you to buy their product.  Any information would be greatly 


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