[bct] Re: Next up voices.

  • From: "M. Dimitt" <jamdim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 06:02:07 -0700

Hello guys:
I personally love the Nextup voices, although they do work best in Text Aloud. I don't use them for surfing the web, as it is slower, but for a more realistic sounding speech when I'm reading text, they work great! Just my humble opinion.
By the way, I'm using the voices with JAWS 5.1, and they work fine, accept they sound a little tinny when not using the Text Aloud program.
Sincerely, Jamie
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Yes, even though you can use them without text aloud, I wouldn't recommend it. I would only get them if you want to make audio books with them, not to use as the voices for your screen reader. Some of them even crash with K1000.


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