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  • Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 22:41:45 -0600

Since these use sapi unlike eloquence, does the sound device selected for voice end up applying? My system doesn't like FS's solution of editing jfw.ini to force jfw to another card, and they warn this could be the case. I discovered the voice option under speech to set it to another card and wonder if I somehow found eloquence for sapi, if I could get it done that way?

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Okay, since everyone is weighing in here let me just tell you my results so we can put this thing to rest. Some of the next up voices will allow you to download and use independently with Jaws, but the newest ones, the scansoft voices do require that you have text aloud. So, i have downloaded Text aloud and the voice I purchased, and it works wonderfully with Jaws, is very responsive, does not crash and sounds wonderful. When that podcast was created, the real speak voices were not yet available, now they are and they work great. They are not slow like the neospeech, but they take up about one-third of the space.


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Yes, even though you can use them without text aloud, I wouldn't
recommend it. I would only get them if you want to make audio books
with them, not to use as the voices for your screen reader. Some of
them even crash with K1000.


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