[bct] Re: Next Steps With NLS

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  • Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 10:54:17 -0700

I believe that there is no harm whatsoever, in expressing the desire for a
given result.  In this case, as I stated previously, I do not think some of
the writings prudent or necessary, however, I believe that the petition
itself is quite an acceptable outlet for library users to vent their
frustration.  Any insults, threats, vulgarity, of course, would be totally
inappropriate and counterproductive.  However, I believe that we have the
right, and, yes, the responsibility, to judiciously express concern or even
outrage when we believe it necessitous.

Karen Delzer

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Karen, the freedom to do something is different from the prudence of doing
it.  Of course, anyone is free to make a petition for anything, but is this
prudent?  A petition can be a powerful tool, but if it is not applied with
critical care, it's power can be so diluted it no longer serves a rational

So far, we do not know if there is a serious problem, until we do, prudence
would dictate restraint.


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