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Yes, you can get double the time, but the stereo is nice, and you get
about 34 hours in stereo at the highest setting if I remember

>>> staceyr75@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Friday, May 05, 2006 8:24:10 AM >>>
Whatsetting would you recommend using for recording at Guide dog 

If I record in mono can I get more hours?

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>The best tip is to keep your hands away from the recorder while 
>or you will get all kinds of unpleasant handling noise.  I also 
>say what I think I'm recording when I hit Record, so as you scan 
>your files, you can quickly identify each of them.

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>> Hi all,
>> My name is Stacey Robinson, and I'm new here.  I just discovered 
>> cool tech a few weeks ago after getting DSL.  I have the 
voicenote mpower
>> and I download things from the bct website and listen to them on 
>> mpower's media player.  After listening to a couple of reviews, 
I've order
>> the olympus ws-320m digital recorder.  CAn anyone give me any 
easy tips or
>> tricks.  I'll be using it when I go to guiding Eyes this summer 
to get my
>> third guide dog.

>> I'm planning to use it for recording the lectures.  I believe 
there are
>> about 20 hours of lectures.

>> Have a nice day.
>> Stacey Robinson

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