[bct] Re: New to juice and mighty frustrated already

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  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 20:08:12 -0500

Hi Krister,
Press the Spacebar and the status should change to "To Download". You can do this on as many shows as you'd like.

And remember to tab between the feeds and the actual episodes.
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Subject: [bct] New to juice and mighty frustrated already

Hi folks,

If you have seen this message earlier today, i'm very sorry, but it looked as the list was down for a bit, but here goes anyways:
Since this is a list about podcasts among other things, i thought i
might turn to this list with my frustrations in hope that some kind soul
might have the possibility to help me out. I've set up Juice v 2.2 and
have successfully, (at least as it seems) been able to subscribe to the
BCT podcast, however when i try to download anything other than the very
latest episode, the status says "skipped" and i can't seem to do
anything about this. How do i do in order to download those so called
"skipped" episodes, because i really do hope there's a chance i could do
And here's another funny one: Every time i exit the juice program, i get
a "there were errors, check the log" dialog. What gives here??
If anyone could shed some light here, i'd be very greatful.
Thanks and sorry if this has been discussed before.
/Krister, the frustrated podcatching newbie

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