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A DVD podcast would be cool, how to do the part before you burn it on a video DVD. What I don't understand about DVD's, especially after reading wikipedia, is why a DVD with no video can't be made to play on a standard player. They say on there that for maximum compatibility, many audio DVD's have the Dolby encoded track that a standard player would play, but they don't say on there if such disks are absent of video. Is that what the audio_ts folder is for? If some picture is required, could it be low resolution static from an invalid channel I don't get, recorded from my TV card? I just found the ray of hope on Wikipedia because albums are made on DVD that play on normal players, implying they could be several hours long without video.

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Yes, definitely! Several of us have been asking for a goldwave podcast. Looking forward to that one for sure. Thanks.


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Hi Everyone,

I probably have a week or two still to learn how to make unattended XP installs but I am making progress. In the mean time I have been learning goldwave and have a lot of the basics down. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a goldwave podcast? There is a set of audio files avalible on for the people that is in 10 parts and is about 6 hours long if anyone is interested in that. Its very good. I figure I could do a BCT one that is about an hour long or so with all the basics for beginners if anyone is interested. Also still working on a nero 7 podcast with Window Eyes 5.5 to show differences in the installation. I may have that done on monday or tuesday.

I have gotten a lot of comments on the nero 6 pod cast. I am very happy everyone is learning from it and enjoying it.



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