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  • From: Kerri Regan <harmonica4me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 18:43:13 -0500

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  If we get Patrick and Steve on this list, we'll have the entire Saturday line 
up on here!
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    From: Kerri Regan 
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    Jeez, is everyone on TBRN joining the list today? lol! Welcone Onj! Kerri 
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      Subject: [bct] New members all over the place

      I joined the list yesterday but have been subscribed to the podcast for a 
while now.
      Many people know me as just Onj, but my name though it's probably obvious 
by now, is simply Andre Louis.
      Nobody of much consequence, I design free music Beds for the community 
which have been featured in podcasts including BCT, The blind world podcast, 
Distorted View and many others.
      I would like to actually come here to offer podcasters that don't already 
know, the ability to download said music if they would be interested, use it, 
and hopefully if it's any good, spread it around to others.

      I divide my time up betwee composition, managing TBRN (The Beyond Radio 
Network), my soon to be married status, and pc-building, my other hobby which I 
enjoy muchly.
      I just hope that my music can be of some use to people in all situations 
and that it's not all rubbish.

      If anyone would like to take a look, go and http on over to:
      and there you shall find about 120 something tracks composed by me, and 
sometimes collaborated efforts with Stephen Clower.

      I wish everyone well, and will now go away and stop this headache thing 
from annoying me senseless.

      Sincerely yours

      Andre P. Louis

       Uncopyright, free music, compositions, Web-hosting and the beyond Radio 
Network?  Visit one of the sites listed below:

        Main site: http://AndreLouis.COM
      My Live Journal: http://LJ.AndreLouis.COM
      The Beyond Radio Network (TBRN:) http://www.TBRN.NET

       Online contacts:

        Email and NET Messenger: Andre@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Skype: Andre_Louis
      Aim: FreakyFwoof
      Bitwise: FreakyFwoof

       Telephone contacts:

       In the United States: +1-203-9875455
        Home:   +44-207-2212126
        Mobile: +44-7967-462729

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