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And using yousendit is a bad idea, given how large podcasts tend to be. I'm all for the public write only acount.
No more Sun messaging solution outgoing mail for me! Yea!
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We could also make a public write-only account.  That way, there would
be no reason to place files up there.

neal.ewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Friday, March 17, 2006 10:01:10 AM >>>
One solution to this might be for people on the list to have a
to the FTP site, so we could put up files.  However, only Larry would
able to down load them and that would require another password which
would not be broadcast to the list or on the web page.  Hackers are
likely to use an FTP site for storage if they can only upload.  They
want to do upload and download.  Of course, some smart computer person
may ultimately find the password that Larry is using, but that would
much easier to change than changing all of our passwords.


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This is so unfortunate. As it was, anyone in the world could freely submit podcasts. But now if the password is changed, posting it on the website wil allow the culprits access since I suspect they know which web site is associated with the ftp site. Is it going to come down to each of us needing to have our own password I wonder?


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