[bct] Re: New firmware for MicroTrack recorder out

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Graham and list.  Well, the news is bad.  The firmware did not fix the
problem.  I'm going to talk to M-Audio today and see what they
suggest.  No one has heard of this problem happening before, so I just
might have a bad unit.  Problem is, I don't think they will have any
more to deliver to dealers until December.  So, we will just have to
see what they suggest.  I'll let you know.

I'm glad you liked the rain.


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I woukd be interested to find out if it doses fix the problem.  The
device had a lot of attractions otherwise.  I would need to know for
sure that it was recording! The review by Neal was great and very
atmospheric.  I could almost taste the rain on his porch.

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>>> ewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 10/11/05 06:14pm >>>
Hello.  Well, perhaps the new firmware will fix the problem I had of
the recorder popping out of record.
The new firmware is at 

Search for a file named

You will also get instructions on how to update your unit.

I spoke with the people at Sound Professionals and they had not
encountered my problem, but the people at m-audio said that the new
firmware fixed a few strange problems.  I'll let you know if it fixed




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