[bct] New beta of JAWS 7.1 ready to download

  • From: "Rick Harmon" <rickharmon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 17:32:45 -0400

The following is from Eric at Freedom Scientific.
     the 2nd update for the public beta is now available

Public Beta update number 2 has been posted!

Freedom Scientific is pleased to announce that we have posted another
update today for the JAWS 7.1 Public Beta. We posted JAWS 7.10.256 first
on March 17, 2006. We then provided the first update to 7.10.321 on
April 17 via the Check for Updates feature in the Help Menu. Today, we
have rolled out version 7.10.332 for all 7.1 users. Just use the "Check
for Updates" feature in the help menu now and it will download and
install the latest Public Beta version.

Note that it is not necessary that the first update was installed. This
new one includes everything that was in the first one as well. If you
have not installed any of the Public Beta builds yet, you can start
today by downloading the public beta version 7.10.256 from the web site
and then check for updates to get it up to the latest build.

Below are the fixes we have done so far in the 7.1 cycle!
Eric Damery

Fixes released in the Second (latest) update on April 27th!

1. Resolved several issues related to the Automatic Updates feature
for users of Windows XP.
2. Unable to resolve the update feature working in Windows 2000, so
it will be disabled for this operating system for now.
3. In the Verbosity Options dialog box in Configuration Manager,
the state of check boxes is now correctly reported when you select or
clear them by pressing the SPACEBAR.
4. Resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading the the Adjust JAWS
Verbosity dialog box correctly.
5. The responsiveness of JAWS has been increased when moving
through dialog boxes with the TAB key.
6. JAWS now says "Context Menu" instead of "Menu" when you open a
context menu. The focus is also correctly moved to the first command on
the menu.
7. JAWS no longer announces "unavailable" or "read-only" when
logging on to Windows or other applications.
8. When you use the JAWS Find feature, JAWS now reads the current
line when it finds a match.
9. JAWS now announces whether an item is selected when navigating a
list of files or folders with CTRL+UP or DOWN ARROW.
10. JAWS no longer announces unnecessary information when you move
to a new tab in a multi-page dialog box.
11. You can now successfully switch to an ANSI braille table.
12. The demonstration version of FSReader is now installed with
JAWS, instead of the full desktop version (which requires an
authorization code to use).
13. JAWS now supports reading PDF documents embedded in Internet
14. Internet Explorer no longer fails when you access Roadrunner
Web-based e-mail.
15. JAWS now reads Web pages correctly after you use the JAWS Find
feature to search for text.
16. Resolved an issue where JAWS was only reading the first letter
of a heading on a certain Web site.
17. In Internet Explorer/Firefox, keyboard help for CTRL+ENTER has
been corrected.
18. When MAGic is running, JAWS now correctly announces check boxes
in the Add/Remove Programs dialog box of ActiveSync.
19. When using MAGic 9.50 or later, you can now pan the screen while
JAWS is running.
20. JAWS now consistently announces access keys in Microsoft Office
21. In Outlook, selecting items in combo boxes in the Advanced Find
dialog box now works correctly.
22. When you open a message in Outlook and perform the Say All
command, JAWS no longer reads the message header information while the
Say All is in progress.
23. In Outlook, when you start entering a new appointment time,
press ESC, and then press RIGHT ARROW, you no longer hear a message
about a list box
24. In Outlook, JAWS now speaks the correct information when you
press HOME or END to move to the beginning or end of a message.
25. In Outlook, resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading certain
messages after you selected multiple messages and then pressed DELETE to
delete them.
26. In the Outlook 2003 Address book, JAWS now announces information
correctly when moving through the Contacts list with UP and DOWN ARROW.
27. In Outlook, items in several different list boxes are now read
correctly when navigating with UP or DOWN ARROW.
28. In Outlook, contacts are now announced properly when you move
through the Address Book.
29. Resolved an issue where, when running JAWS with MAGic, JAWS
would fail when performing a certain action in Outlook.
30. In Outlook, the unread status of a message is now correctly
announced when you press CTRL+D to return to the message list.
31. In Outlook, JAWS no longer speaks items in the Save In list of
the Save As dialog box multiple times.
32. In Word and PowerPoint, JAWS correctly reads information in the
Adjust JAWS Verbosity dialog box when you navigate with TAB or
33. In Word, typing echo responsiveness has been improved.
34. In Word, tutor messages are no longer announced before and after
the control name in all dialog boxes.
35. In Word, the Back button in the Save As dialog box is now spoken
36. In Excel, JAWS now announces the correct word when you are
editing cell content and move to the next/previous word with CTRL+LEFT
37. In Microsoft Access XP/2003, when you press INSERT+TAB in the
Sample Fields list box, an arbitrary number is no longer announced.
38. In MSN Messenger, resolved an issue where JAWS was slow to
announce characters that you typed when using a hardware or SAPI
39. In MSN Messenger, certain information in the hot key help was
40. Resolved a number of issues in AudibleManager. In addition,
Audible has restored the keystrokes to increase volume (CTRL+U) and
decrease volume (CTRL+D). Also, SHIFT+B now toggles between CD Burn mode
and Device Mode.
41. In Lotus Notes, JAWS now uses the Virtual PC Cursor when
navigating read-only documents.
42. Resolved a number of issues that affect Lotus Notes.
43. In Eclipse, you can now read the code in the editor.

Fixes released in the first update on April 17th!

1. Scripts and other improvements for the Automatic Updates feature
have been added and will be installed with this first update.
Unfortunately, you will only experience the benefit of these
improvements during subsequent updates. As a result, the first time you
run the check for updates feature, you will find that it is not reading
as well as it will be in the future.
2. When Eloquence encountered a specific misspelling or typo of the
word "seizure" and "have," the synthesizer failed, causing JAWS users to
lose speech. An error message sometimes displayed as well. This issue
has been resolved in the latest JAWS public beta update. If you are
using a previous version of JAWS (7.0 or earlier) or other Freedom
Scientific product with ViaVoice or Eloquence speech, refer to this
Technical Support Notice
information on downloading a patch that will prevent this problem from
affecting your software.
3. When attempting to install the DecTalk USB synthesizer, you are
no longer prompted to specify which COM port you want to use.
4. Freedom Scientific has made several miscellaneous corrections
for reported errors in the JAWS help system.
5. The first time you install JAWS on a computer, the system will
be automatically restarted before the installation process begins if it
has been running for longer than 30 minutes. This prevents the talking
installer from timing out.
6. During installation, if shared files for braille, Eloquence, or
FSDOMS are not all installed, a message displays in order to warn you.
7. Resolved an issue reported by some customers where the talking
installer failed to initialize during installation.
8. You can now specify serial ports for Braillex El displays in the
Synthesizer and Braille Manager.
9. JAWS no longer announces graphics in the Synthesizer and Braille
Manager when you navigate the list of selectable items.
10. When you move to any standard combo box and use the arrow keys
to select items, the newly selected item in the list is no longer shown
as a Braille Flash message.
11. The JAWS Find feature now works correctly when Enhanced Edit
Mode is on or when used in WordPad, Outlook, and other applications.
12. Corrected grammar error reported by customers in the "remove
shared components" message.
13. The Merge Utility is now available.
14. The Access Code button in the JAWS About dialog box has been
renamed. It is now the Special Update Code button.
15. Two new check boxes have been added to the Advanced Options
dialog box, which can be accessed by choosing the Advanced button in the
Basic Settings dialog box. These check boxes allow you to enable or
disable remote access client and server support.
16. JAWS no longer repeats information multiple times when you
navigate extended and multiple selection list boxes.
17. In Windows Explorer, JAWS no longer announces the name of a
folder twice after you rename it, press ENTER, and then press UP or DOWN
18. When performing a Say All, the position of the Virtual Cursor is
now correctly updated so that when you stop, you can begin reading again
from the expected location on the page.
19. If a Web page contains combo boxes with thousands of entries,
JAWS is now much more responsive when the page is loaded and the combo
box is accessed.
20. Headings (and their levels) are now reported correctly when
moving through a Web page with Navigation Quick Keys.
21. JAWS now correctly remembers the position of the Virtual cursor
when two Internet Explorer windows are open.
22. Resolved an issue where JAWS was repeatedly reading Flash
content on a page when you switched to Forms Mode and navigated to form
23. If Flash content is suppressed in Default.jcf on the Misc tab of
the HTML Options dialog, it no longer appears on Web pages.
24. You can now switch to Forms Mode while in combo boxes that are
embedded in headings.
25. While you are in an open combo box on a Web page, you can now
exit Forms Mode by pressing NUM PAD PLUS.
26. The PlaceMarker List (CTRL+SHIFT+K) dialog box now displays
correctly even when you are at the top line of a Web page.
27. When you move to the next/previous element and no more elements
are found, JAWS no longer moves to a blank line and announces an
incorrect message.
28. Resolved an issue affecting the useability of the Windows Update
29. Text formatted with the HTML <CENTER> tag is now displayed and
announced correctly.
30. JAWS now reads the underlying URL and ALT attributes correctly
when you are in Forms Mode and move to a hyperlink.
31. JAWS now reads and navigates combo boxes formatted as headings
or contained within heading tags.
32. In Outlook, JAWS no longer announces the window name each time
you use the arrow keys to select a time slot.
33. In Outlook, resolved an issue reported by some customers where
JAWS was not announcing the group name of "Grouped by" messages when
they collapsed the group.
34. In Outlook, double speaking of items no longer occurs when you
press HOME, END, PAGE UP, or PAGE DOWN in the message list.
35. In Outlook, items in the message list are no longer spelled when
you delete messages rapidly.
36. In Outlook, attachments are no longer announced with the caps
37. In Outlook, JAWS no longer announces the message deleted from
the list, rather than the newly selected message.
38. In Outlook, JAWS is correctly announcing collapsed and expanded
39. In Outlook, JAWS now reads the currently selected message in the
message list when MAGic is running.
40. In Outlook, the position of the Virtual Cursor is now properly
updated in HTML messages when you activate same page links.
41. In Outlook, when you open the Virtual View in an empty inbox,
you no longer hear zero items.
42. In Outlook/Outlook Express, pressing INSERT+F7 now correctly
announces the misspelled word and suggestion in Spell Check.
43. In Outlook Express, JAWS now says "Edit" instead of "Page
read-only" when you move to the Message field.
44. In Outlook Express, JAWS no longer double-speaks list items in
the Rules Wizard and Export Address Book dialog box.
45. In Outlook Express, line breaks are now recognized when you are
reading e-mail messages.
46. In Outlook Express, if you manually maximize the message edit
window, reading commands no longer temporarily stop working until you
switch to another program with ALT+TAB.
47. In Outlook Express, JAWS no longer announces position
information when you delete a message in the message list.
48. In Word, a "ding" sound no longer plays when you use DOWN ARROW
to cross a page boundary.
49. Resolved an issue reported by some customers in Word where
certain lines in a paragraph were not being announced.
50. In Word, revisions are no longer spoken twice when you change
the Revisions reading setting in the Adjust JAWS Verbosity (INSERT+V)
dialog box.
51. In Word, multiple leading tabs for a paragraph no longer cause
JAWS to skip text during Say All.
52. When you activate Navigation Quick Keys in Word (INSERT +Z) and
check items like spelling mistakes (M) or revisions (R), you can now
press the APPLICATION Key and go to the context menu without turning off
Navigation Quick Keys. When you return to the document, Navigation Quick
Keys remain active. This feature was requested by a customer during a
CSUN presentation.
53. In Word, when you press INSERT+H in the document window while
Navigation Quick Keys are enabled, the list of Navigation Quick Keys is
now displayed along with the other hot keys.
54. In Excel, when you press CTRL+SHIFT+A, select "Custom," and
press ENTER, you no longer receive an error message.
55. In Excel, resolved an issue reported by some customers where
JAWS was not reading certain edit fields when they gained focus.
56. In Excel, resolved a problem with the first column or row
associated with a title reading the title when the cell gains focus.
57. In Excel, when you move to the first cell associated with a
title row/column, JAWS announces the title.
58. In Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint, non-contiguous selection in
list views now works correctly.
59. In Excel, when a merged cell is part of a title area, JAWS can
now announce the merged cell as part of the row/column titles when
related cells gain focus.
60. Some edit fields in Excel and Access were not speaking when they
gained focus. JAWS should now read these fields properly.
61. In PowerPoint, double speaking of text in Normal and Slide Show
modes no longer occurs when you press ENTER twice to create blank lines
between text.
62. In PowerPoint, words in the list of spelling suggestions are now
spoken and spelled as you move through the list.
63. In the Query design view in Microsoft Access XP/2003, JAWS now
reads the items contained in the Fields list box when you use the arrow
keys to move through the list. Position information is also announced.
64. In Microsoft Access XP/2003, JAWS now reads tri-state check
boxes correctly and displays their state in braille.
65. In Microsoft Access XP/2003, JAWS now correctly speaks the page
name when moving between the tabs of the Customize dialog box.
66. In Microsoft Access XP/2003, JAWS now correctly reads the
current item in the combo boxes found in the Commands tab of the
Customize dialog box.
67. In Microsoft Access XP/2003, JAWS now correctly displays the
state of check boxes on forms in braille.
68. In Microsoft Access XP/2003, JAWS now correctly speaks position
and item information when you navigate the list of tables in the Show
Table dialog box of the Query Design view.
69. In Microsoft Access 2003, JAWS now correctly reads the selected
item in the Adjust JAWS Verbosity dialog box.
70. In MSN Messenger, pressing ALT+0 now reads message thread 10
instead of thread 1.
71. In MSN Messenger, JAWS no longer occassionally stops to echo
characters after you send a long message.
72. A Yahoo Messenger entry has been added to ConfigNames.ini
73. In WordPad, if you copy text, quit WordPad, restart WordPad, and
paste the text, the correct text is now inserted into the document. This
issue did not occur if you had a braille display attached.
74. After opening a form in Adobe Reader 7 and pressing a Navigation
Quick Key, JAWS now correctly reads the element that gains focus.
75. In Adobe Acrobat/Reader 7.0.5, JAWS now correctly reads controls
in the Find dialog box.
76. In Lotus Notes, JAWS now reads the labels of all fields in the
Meeting Notice and New Contact forms.
77. Resolved a number of issues related to Java and Java

Fixes released in the first posting on March 17th!

1. Pressing the CTRL key now stops speech immediately, even when
using a slow speech rate. In order to facilitate this change, the
Reading Interrupt check box was removed from the User Options dialog box
in Configuration Manager. Reading interrupt is always enabled now and
cannot be disabled.
2. Resolved an issue where JAWS was sometimes not announcing window
titles and program names when you switched to them by pressing ALT+TAB.
3. When you use first letter navigation in a list view that you
have customized with the Customize List View feature, JAWS now correctly
announces the item that you move to.
4. Navigation and usability has been improved for the Add/Remove
Programs dialog box in the Windows Control Panel.
5. You can once again press TAB or SHIFT+TAB to move to links in
the Virtual Viewer just as you can in Web pages.
6. JAWS now indicates when you reach the top or bottom of a
document while reading by line, sentence, or paragraph.
7. In the Windows Customize Start Menu dialog box, JAWS now
announces the state of check boxes.
8. You can now choose to view "All Files" in the Open dialog box of
Script Manager. This allows you to open a file with any file name
extension in Script Manager.
9. When you save a script with Save As Shared command, the keymap
(.jkm) file is now copied into the shared folder as well.
10. The function SetVoiceRate now correctly increases or decreases
the speech rate.
11. When you create a new .jcf file for an application, the New File
Name edit box is now read-only, preventing you from changing the default
name for the configuration file.
12. The tutor help message for group boxes is now correct.
13. When you close Dictionary Manager without saving your changes, a
message displays. This message now includes the file name extension .jdf
in the name of the file.
14. When a link is present in the virtual viewer, the window no
longer closes when you press TAB or SHIFT+TAB to attempt to move to the
15. Resolved other issues that occasionally occurred when you
pressed TAB or SHIFT+TAB while in the Virtual Viewer.
16. Pressing SHIFT+F3 now carries out the Find Prior command in
Script Manager.
17. Pressing INSERT+UP ARROW twice now spells the current line in
both menus and lists.
18. The Typing Announcement option now works when intermediate or
advanced verbosity is selected.
19. The Say All command no longer fails after using IME in HJPad,
WordPad, and other rich edit areas.
20. The Japanese version of JAWS is now better at reading rich edit
21. JAWS can now be effectively used with Java applications when you
are using Windows XP Japanese.
22. JAWS no longer occasionally announces "File" instead of "Not in
Dictionary" when you open the spellcheck dialog in Word.
23. When you use the Merge Utility, basic settings are now included
in the merger.
24. JAWS now recognizes and announces left and right single
quotation marks as well as left and right double quotation marks.
25. You can now perform the Spell Line command (INSERT+UP ARROW
twice quickly) while reading menu bars and context menus.
26. If there is no text in an edit field, the JAWS and Braille
cursors are no longer occasionally positioned too high.
27. Resolved an issue where the statuses of check boxes and
checkable items in list boxes were occasionally not announced and/or
displayed in braille.
28. When you move to a link in the Virtual Viewer, JAWS now
correctly identifies the text as a link.
29. JAWS now allows you to access the Stop button in the Windows XP
Help and Support Center after you begin a search for information.
30. Pressing the left or right SHIFT key during Say All no longer
changes the pause settings for Say All.
31. JAWS no longer incorrectly indicates that certain checkable list
box items are "not selected."
32. Voice aliases for the link voice now work correctly when reading
certain HTML pages that were causing problems in previous versions.
33. "Remote Access Speech" has been removed from the available
Synthesizer Options in Configuration Manager and the Change Synthesizer
34. When you run JAWS from the system tray and press INSERT+J, JAWS
now announces, "JAWS context menu," instead of just, "Context menu."
35. When you press INSERT+F4 to quit JAWS during the activation
process, you no longer receive an error.
36. Information is no longer sometimes displayed twice in the
Virtual Viewer when you press INSERT+F1 under certain circumstances.
37. In Office applications, JAWS now properly reads items in certain
lists found in the Customize dialog box.
38. When installing the PAC Mate braille display, you are no longer
asked to specify COM port settings.
39. You can now switch to contracted braille during installation.
40. The access key for the User Pan Mode list box in the Braille
Options dialog box now works correctly.
41. When configuring JAWS braille displays, you can now select ports
beyond COM 4.
42. When you re-class a control while in home row mode, the
resulting file name no longer includes the file name extension of the
original executable file.
43. The JAWS program folder is now removed when you uninstall the
44. When using a braille display, the cursor now appears at the
beginning of menu items and links instead of at the end.
45. Resolved an issue where a client running JAWS 6.20 could not
connect to a server running a later version of JAWS.
46. You will now see Keyboard help in braille even if you have
turned off braille flash messages.
47. In Speech and Sounds Manager, the "Visited" attribute has been
removed from the list of HTML attributes. The "Visited" attribute has
been added to the list of available Control States.
48. Implemented improvements to HJPad and Script Manager to allow
for more successful localization. The main window for both programs now
uses RichEdit 2.0 rather than 1.0, which resolves some problems with
Japanese text.
49. Improved support for the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs
utility in Windows XP.
50. If OpenBook is running and you start JAWS, OpenBook no longer
begins scanning.
51. When using INSERT+1 Keyboard help, the names of keystrokes you
press are now displayed in braille.
52. Resolved an issue where, in certain dialog boxes, JAWS was not
reading static text correctly.
53. Text selection commands work correctly when using languages that
read from right to left.
54. Tutor messages are no longer displayed in braille when you press
55. In list views, JAWS now reads only the selected item and its
position and count when you press INSERT+TAB.
56. If you start JAWS and video intercept is not installed
correctly, the resulting Freedom Scientific Video Intercept dialog,
which asks you to install video intercept and restart your computer, now
57. When you use Freedom Scientific Video Intercept to
install/uninstall video drivers, you are now required to restart your

HTML and the Internet

1. In Internet Explorer, duplicate lists are now displayed
correctly when you press CTRL+INSERT+L.
2. In Internet Explorer JAWS now announces when a new browser
window is opened by activating a link in the INSERT+F7 links list.
3. Japanese Web sites that use multiple style sheets are now
processed correctly.
4. Resolved an issue where JAWS was speaking headings multiple
times when you navigated the INSERT+F6 list of headings in HTML
5. Resolved certain anomalies that were occurring when you
attempted to read form fields on a specific Web site.
6. When you press INSERT+CTRL+G in an HTML document to display a
list of graphics, JAWS no longer shows the image source instead of the
alternate text or title attributes if they are available.
7. Resolved an issue where pressing INSERT+F7 did not display the
list of links on a limited number of Web pages.
8. Resolved a number of issues with how text is displayed in
Document Presentation Mode.
9. The find next/prior non-link text commands no longer move you to
start and end strings.
10. JAWS now correctly recognizes the alternate text of image maps
with a title.
11. Pressing INSERT+F1 now reports the correct number of headings at
level 1 through 6.
12. Resolved an issue where you could not move past the Euro symbol
or other special Unicode characters with CTRL+RIGHT ARROW or CTRL+LEFT
13. Resolved an issue where access keys on Web pages failed to
function after the first time you pressed them.
14. Resolved an issue where, on certain pages, buttons in Flash
animations could not be activated.
15. Alternate text (when available) now appears in the CTRL+INSERT+G
list of graphics instead of just the image's source.
16. Resolved an issue where, when using JAWS table navigation
commands in certain tables, JAWS was not reading all of the columns in
the table.
17. JAWS now wraps to the top or bottom in pages that have only one
form field or button.
18. On certain Web pages, JAWS now properly detects the correct
number of links regardless of whether you are using the Virtual Cursor.
19. Resolved several reported issues where certain Web pages would
cause loss of speech and 100 percent CPU usage.
20. Links on a particular Web page are now correctly identified as
21. Resolved an issue where, when using H to move through headings
on certain Web pages, JAWS was not announcing the heading level.
22. In Internet Explorer, JAWS now reads superscript text correctly.

Mozilla Firefox

1. JAWS no longer announces the level of headings when the "Heading
Announcement" verbosity option is turned off.
2. The skip to next/previous element Navigation Quick Keys
(SHIFT+COMMA and SHIFT+PERIOD) now work correctly.
3. Resolved an issue where same page links were not working
properly on some pages.
4. Pressing INSERT+F1 reports the incorrect number of headings at
level 1 through 6.
5. JAWS graphical link settings are now correctly saved and

Microsoft Excel

1. Custom summaries that you have created are preserved if you
rename the worksheet.
2. You can now use TAB and SHIFT+TAB to move to links in the
Virtual Viewer when viewing custom summaries.
3. JAWS no longer says, "Blank" while reading some of the input
message validation edit controls.
4. Resolved an issue where deleting the last letter in a cell
impeded navigation and typing echo while editing cell content.
5. When editing an existing formula after an error in the formula
is detected, JAWS now correctly echoes LEFT and RIGHT ARROW navigation.
6. JAWS now indicates when a cell is merged and announces the cell
7. JAWS now correctly reads ampersands (&) in cells that contain
row and/or column titles.
8. When you press INSERT+T in Excel, JAWS now announces the
application name, the name of the currently open file, and the name of
the active worksheet.
9. When you press INSERT+WINDOWS Key+R to read an Outlook reminder
and then press INSERT+WINDOWS Key+R to move back to Excel, the focus
returns correctly to Excel.
10. Pressing INSERT+H no longer starts skim reading. This issue only
occurred if you previously performed the skim read command in another
11. The Custom Labels dialog box now has INSERT+F1 help.
12. Column and row headings are now properly updated in braille and
speech when you move from a cell in one region to a cell in the same row
or column in a different region.
13. In Excel XP and 2003, check boxes are no longer shown twice in
14. When using keystrokes to navigate by region, JAWS now reads the
cell that gains the focus instead of the cell that previously had the
15. JAWS now announces the names of tabs in the Options dialog box
when you use SHIFT+TAB to move to them.
16. Pressing INSERT+TAB twice while you are in a merged cell now
displays a description of that cell in the Virtual Viewer.
17. When you are editing or composing a comment for a cell, JAWS no
longer announces a range of cells when you INSERT+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW to
read the currently selected text.
18. You can no longer perform the Say All command when you are not
reading text in the Virtual Viewer, a chart, or a custom summary.
19. When using names to define row and column titles, the terms
RowTitle, ColumnTitle, and Title are no longer case-sensitive.
20. FSClipboard now functions correctly in Excel.
21. Toolbar buttons are now displayed in braille.
22. When the formula, date, or long number in the current cell is
too large for the column width, JAWS alerts you.
23. JAWS announces controls in the Options dialog box correctly when
you move to them with SHIFT+TAB.
24. JAWS now reports the correct state of pivot table tree view
25. When you navigate the list of chart types, series types, or
functions in the Chart Wizard or Function dialog boxes, JAWS now
announces the static help text at the bottom of the dialog box. This
text changes according to the chart type, series type, or function, and
can be very useful. So as not to confuse it with the item in the list,
the help text is announced in the message voice. This information is
also spoken when you press INSERT+TAB.

Microsoft Word

1. JAWS now announces the presence of hyperlinks in table cells
correctly when using intermediate or advanced verbosity.
2. If you turn on Language Detection, JAWS no longer increases
pitch when reading lower case letters.
3. JAWS now speaks the correct information for not-in-dictionary
controls in Spellchecker.
4. Item selection verbosity now works correctly.
5. You no longer hear an unexpected "ding" sound when cutting a
6. Selecting cells in a table and then performing the Say Selected
Text command no longer causes JAWS to announce the entire document.
7. When you switch back to Word from another program and perform
the Say All command, JAWS continues to honor the settings in the
currently selected speech and sounds scheme.
8. If Navigation Quick Key mode is turned on and you start a Say
All, Navigation Quick Key mode remains active even when you stop the Say
All. JAWS reminds you that Navigation Quick Keys are still enabled by
say, "Quick keys on."
9. The "Comments, Footnotes, and Endnotes" verbosity option is now
application-specific, rather than document-specific.
10. When you press CTRL+SHIFT+C or CTRL+SHIFT+V, JAWS now says
"Copying format to Clipboard," or "Apply format from Clipboard," and
does not announce the keystrokes.
11. Braille displays now refresh properly when you use table
navigation commands.
12. When you switch to another program and then switch back to Word,
your braille display no longer automatically switches to line mode.
13. When you press the APPLICATION Key while in the Styles list of
the Styles and Formatting pane, JAWS no longer says, "Unknown function
call to BrailleAddObjectDlgPage."
14. F1 help for forms and the text of the About dialog box is now
displayed correctly in braille.
15. JAWS now correctly announces the OK button in the About dialog
16. If a skim rule has been created, when you perform the Say All
command and then press a Navigation Quick Key that is not available in
Word, JAWS no longer attempts to skim read the current document.
17. When you press a Navigation Quick Key that is not available in
Word but is available elsewhere, JAWS now indicates that the key is not
available in Word. If a key is pressed that is not a legitimate
Navigation Quick Key anywhere, JAWS says, "Not available."
18. Bookmark names are no longer repeated twice when navigating the
Bookmark Names list in the Bookmark dialog box.
19. When you activate the Options button in the Clipboard task pane,
JAWS no longer says, "Unknown function call to
20. JAWS now speaks the correct information when you navigate the
Customize Commands list box.
21. JAWS now announces the state of tree view items in Word's help
system when you open or close them.
22. JAWS now reads the first item in the Styles combo box correctly.

23. If you create a hyperlink while in Outline view and move to that
link with arrow keys, JAWS now announces, "Hyperlink field" as it does
while in Print Layout view.
24. The functionality of the Mail Merge Wizard has been improved.
25. You can now use JAWS navigation commands to move to the prior
sentence if that sentence ends with a quotation mark.
26. When performing a Say All in Word, JAWS no longer occasionally
repeats certain sentences.
27. If there are different alignment levels from one bulleted
paragraph to the next, JAWS now announces them before each bullet.
28. JAWS now announces that a line has a hyperlink when you create
one and move to it with the arrow keys.
29. JAWS now reads attributes correctly during Say All when you are
using the "proof reading" speech and sounds scheme.
30. When reading by line, sentence, or paragraph, you will now hear
a sound when you reach the beginning or end of a document.
31. JAWS now reads the Language list box correctly in the Spell
Checker dialog box.
32. When using bookmarks to define row and column titles, the terms
RowTitle, ColumnTitle, and Title are no longer case-sensitive.
33. When quick keys are enabled and you stop JAWS while performing a
Say All, JAWS reminds you that Navigation Quick Key mode is still in
34. JAWS is now consistent about announcing the start/end of a row
and top/bottom of a column in non-uniform tables.
35. When using Speech Markup, lower case letters are no longer
identified in an upper case pitch.
36. When you use the Say Active Cursor command, a minus sign is no
longer announced and displayed in braille.

Microsoft Outlook

1. Pressing INSERT+A during a Say All displays the list of
attachments without initiating any skim reading commands.
2. The spin box on the Read tab of the Options dialog box is now
read correctly.
3. Selecting the last item in an Outlook message list no longer
causes JAWS to read the item repeatedly.
4. Messages with subjects containing the word "calendar" no longer
mistakenly cause the calendar scripts to load.
5. JAWS no longer switches to the calendar when you type the word
"calendar" into the subject line of a new message.
6. When you open the Save Attachment dialog box, JAWS now reads the
name of the currently selected file correctly when you press INSERT+NUM
PAD 8.
7. When you activate the Save button in the Save Attachments dialog
box, JAWS no longer spells the attachment graphic and the name of the
8. Automatic Say All now works correctly when you open a message.
9. The keystroke INSERT+SHIFT+A has been removed.
10. Times are read correctly in the calendar after you train JAWS to
recognize the colors with ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+Z.
11. If Enhanced Edit mode is turned on, you can now open e-mail
attachments in the INSERT+A attachment list.
12. When you select an attachment and open the context menu, JAWS
now reads this menu correctly.
13. JAWS now reads the correct text when you move to the Search tab
in the Outlook help system.
14. You can now use the PC Cursor to read Roman font text in

Microsoft PowerPoint

1. The Hot Key Help for PowerPoint has been improved.
2. JAWS no longer says, "Not selected" when reading items in
checkable list boxes that are not selected.
3. If you press SHIFT+INSERT+DOWN ARROW while no text or objects
are selected, JAWS informs you that nothing is selected.
4. JAWS no longer announces the first character of the new slides
category, as you move through the New Slide dialog box.
5. During a PowerPoint presentation, you can now change the voice
rate on the fly.
6. JAWS now recognizes bullets when reading a slide show.
7. As long as action settings for MouseOver or MouseClick have been
set, objects are now recognized as hyperlinks.
8. Switching panes in PowerPoint now correctly identifies all the
various types of panes, including thumbnail, notes page, and so on.
9. Navigation through and within the various panes has been greatly
10. When you navigate through slides or press CTRL+SHIFT+C, JAWS now
indicates when the slide is hidden.

Microsoft Access XP/2003

1. In Access 2003, the list of tables is now read correctly during
the query design process.
2. Form names are now spoken correctly when moving from form to
form by pressing CTRL+F6.
3. JAWS no longer reads the selected item in a list box when the
focus changes.
4. JAWS now reads the correct selected item in list boxes on forms.

Adobe Acrobat/Reader (PDF)

1. In Adobe Acrobat 7.0, in the Accessibility Setup Assistant, JAWS
now correctly reads several different controls when you press
2. In Adobe Acrobat 7.0, JAWS can now read information on the Font
tab of the Document Properties dialog box.
3. The Navigation Quick Keys < and > now work correctly in Adobe
4. JAWS now announces page numbers correctly when navigating in the
thumbnail view of the document's pages.
5. Pressing the cursor router buttons on your braille display no
longer moves you back to the focus point or the top of the current page.

6. JAWS now supports non-standard reading orders.
7. The Virtual cursor is now positioned on the correct page when
you follow a link to go to another page in the document.
8. In Adobe Acrobat/Reader, JAWS no longer stops reading at the
third line of the document when you route JAWS to PC.
9. Resolved an issue where JAWS was experiencing slow response
times while in Forms Mode.
10. Tables of contents are now treated like other types of lists.
11. The Say Line and Say Word commands now function correctly when
reading bookmarks.
12. In Adobe Acrobat/Reader 7.05, you can now navigate tables in PDF
13. JAWS can now read PDF documents with watermarks correctly.
14. JAWS now properly announces the state of closed bookmarks.
15. Resolved an issue where you could not move to or select menu
commands that were not in the File menu after opening a PDF file in
Internet Explorer.
16. Resolved an issue where JAWS was performing sluggishly when
loading a PDF document in Internet Explorer.
17. Resolved an issue where, in PDF forms, you could not select
radio buttons with the arrow keys.

MSN Messenger

1. JAWS no longer says, "Online devil smiley," when six contacts
are online.
2. The command for moving to the conversation window now has the
correct keyboard help.
3. JAWS no longer spells out the names of certain controls in the
Options dialog box the first time you move to them.
4. The MSN Messenger window is no longer automatically maximized
when you start the program.
5. With two conversations open in MSN Messenger, when you get a
message in the window that is not visible, the last message in the
visible window is no longer repeated.

Other Programs

1. Support for the Alva Satellite 84 braille display is now
available in Visual Studio .NET.
2. In Visual Studio .NET, JAWS now takes proper account of whether
the Form Designer has focus
3. JAWS can now read the contents of code files in the Visual
Studio .NET editor.
4. In Notepad, JAWS no longer repeats lines written in certain 8
point fonts multiple times.
5. In Windows Media Player 9, JAWS now indicates whether an item is
selected in the list of supported file formats.
6. In Windows Media Player, JAWS now correctly represents certain
button names in braille.
7. Windows Media Player now has hot key (INSERT+1) help available.
8. In AudibleManager 5.0, you can now press CTRL+SHIFT+P to move to
the Program Details window.
9. In AudibleManager, the keystroke to select the Storage Card
radio button in the Device Status pane was changed from CTRL+SHIFT+S to
10. JAWS now correctly announces the state of certain check boxes in
11. In AOL Boxley, JAWS now reads tree views and the Page tab

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