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Ok, here is the description from the Canon webpage on the page listing its' 
features.  If you ask me it is a bit confusing.  In one place it says WMA and 
in another it says both WMA and MP3.


Built-in stereo microphone.

"USB Direct" design enables the body to be detach from the battery and 
connected directly to most computer USB ports...no cables necessary.

138 hours of recording time in LP mode or 132 songs (4 minutes with 128kbps per 

Records in popular Windows Media Audio (WMA) format.

Backlight Full-Dot LCD.

512MB of internal flash memory.

USB mass storage class support means the WS-310M can store documents, images, 
and more in addition to audio.

Play recordings in Fast and Slow Playback mode (50% faster or 25% slower than 
real time).

Choose between 4 recording modes: HQ for high quality, LP and SP for extended 
recording times, and ST HQ for stereo recording.

Store and organize up to 199 files in each of 5 available folders.

Enjoy hands-free recording using the Voice Activation mode to record sound as 
soon as it's detected by the built-in microphone.

Repeat Playback lets you repeatedly listen to a portion of the file being 

Lock files to keep important data from accidentally being erased.

Use index marks to quickly identify and retrieve important segments of recorded 

Erase single or entire files.

Set the recorder to meet your specific needs with Adjustable microphone 

Up to 15 hours of continuous operation is achieved via 1 x AAA battery for low 
power consumption.

Supports music recording files in both MP3 and WMA formats.

WOWTM audio technology provides rich bass and 3-dimensional stereo sound during 
music playback.

Listen to various types of music with the proper emphasis on beats and more 
with the Equalizer Setting.

Select from Random or Repeat playback modes.

Champagne gold finish.

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: Mary, You may have to cut and paste this link, but this is where I read
: about the specs for this recorder.
: http://www.novuscript.com/nsc_prod_spec_.html?ProdID=IWk26CE0dPSIXOXGosq
: ANOuAn1Pr&fr=cat
: Neal
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: Neal,
: This sounds a lot like the 320 except for mess memory. The 310M machines
: were being shipped in November of last year; are you sure you are
: looking at 
: the new model specs?
: Mary 

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