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Too bad about the recording format.  See specs below.

Recording Format
WMA (Windows Media Audio)
Recording Media
Built-in 512MB flash memory
Recording Time
Stereo HQ Mode: approx. 17 hours, 40 minutes
HQ Mode: approx. 35 hour, 20 minutes.
SP Mode: approx. 69 hours, 30 minutes.
LP Mode: approx. 138 hours, 15 minutes.
Input Level
-70 dBv
PC Interface
USB direct, 2.0 full speed
Folders Messages
5/199 per folder
Sampling Frequency
Stereo HQ: 44.1kHz/HQ:

Overall Frequency Response
Stereo HQ: 100-15,000Hz/HQ:
100-3,000Hz/LP Mode
Voice Activation
Available, Switchable On/Off
Practical Maximum Output
70 mW
Built-in ø18 mm round dynamic speaker
Microphone Jack
Earphone Jack

Power Supply
One AAA battery
External Power Supply
Battery Life
Approx. 15 hours (using alkaline dry cell battery)
3.73"L x 1.50"W x 0.43"D (excluding protrusions)
1.62 oz. (46g) including battery

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I understand that there is a new Olympus recorder coming that sounds
like it should be pretty interesting.  It will be the Olympus WS310M.
Standard formats will be WMA and MP3.  The memory size is 512MB, it has
built-in stereo mikes, binaral stereo headphones, and some fantastic
amounts of recording times depending on the quality of recording you
want.  The company we use at work to purchase on state contract says it
will be available in February, and the list price will be $179.

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