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Welcome, Graham,!
You've come to the right place for all things digital recording.  Larry (and
others) are experts at the recorder and mic thing.

This week I'll be purchasing the iRiver IFP 899 mp3 player with voice
recorder.  Larry often uses this device for his podcasts and the quality is
exquisite. He also has a set of binaural headphones.  you can get their
exact serial number at Blind Cool tech.com.

There are also some podcast reviews of digital recorders on Blind Cool Tech.
right now, the two hot brands seem to be iRiver and Olympus.

Best to you and good luck,

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Hi there.  New listener coming in from Wales iun the UK.  I have been
listening to some of the cats and they are really good quality.  I would
like to do something later when I get to grips with the technology.

Meanwhile a question:

Can anybody recommend a digital audio recording device that I can attach an
external mike to?  I need it partly for recording group discussions and
meetings at work so will probably need a multi dorectional mike of some
sort.  Obviously it needs to be at least a bit accessible.

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