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I do not understand what's goign on in the heads of these people who make the Olympus. I mean, podcasting is by no means a new phenomenon at this point, and you'd think they'd put a better memory capacity and higher bit rate in their newer recorders. It boggles the mind. ...

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A quick bit of math indicates that this recorder, like all their newer ones, only records at 64Kbps rather than the 128KBPS of the DS2.


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Beth, for taking notes, this would be nice. For doing podcasts, not so nice in that it does not record in either MP3 or Wave. I have used Olympus recorders with voice activation and in a quiet room, they work quite well. You can talk for a while and then stop to think of something. If you are very quiet when you are thinking, the recorder will stop recording until you speak again. So if you pause 15 seconds to collect your thoughts, the actual pause you hear in the final recording may be only something like 1 second. It's very nice in that regard. I just wish it was more podcast ready, but as I said, if you want it for taking notes, it sounds nice. I don't have a way to compare it with other Olympus units since it is not out yet.

I hope this helps.


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Neal, I'm a neophyte: What is the disadvantage of the new recorder, in your view? I like the voice activation choice, also the one AAA battery. Beth

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