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Merrill, you should check to see if there is any way to adjust the
parameters of the voice activation.  Some recorders let you set the
threshold such that it does not miss the first parts of words or
sometimes even whole words.  If it can be adjusted, you may find that it
does a nice job.  My Sony recorder with voice activation begins
recording as soon as I begin speaking.  Of course, if I were far enough
from the microphone, say across the room, it may not, but I have set it
for my voice at a normal distance and it works like a charm.


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On voice activation: I accidentally had this option set on an Olympus I
use to record my worship gathering--nothing fancy here. I'm leading, not
being the audio engineer. Well, for public speaking, I speak slowly and
carefully, pausing for emphasis  or to let a thought sink in. I usually
have over an hour of recording. I had 37 minutes. The recording was
unusable because when I paused--or at least the machine thought I
paused--it shut off. Then I said the next word. It turned on. What I
ended up with was a recording where one word tripped over another and
every five to ten words, one was missing. I tracked down the menu I had
gotten into by mistake and changed the setting! Voice activation is
gone, gone gone. Merrill

On 1/21/06, David Tanner <david-tanner@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, all I can tell you for sure is that the company we deal with on 
> our MN state contract is named Enpointe.  I don't have their website 
> handy, but I am sure you can find them on the web.  They say it is due

> in February, and we have already asked them to add it to the list of 
> items we will have on our list of technology that can be ordered  for 
> our customers by our counselors.  I certainly can see recommending 
> this recorder as a perfect fit for people to record their college 
> classes.
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> : Hey, David, where would an individual get the new Olympus when it 
> comes out?
> : Sounds fantastic!  Hope someone will demo it on BCT--I'm sure.  Beth
> :
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