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  • From: Merrill Louise <merrill.louise@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 07:27:31 -0500

On voice activation: I accidentally had this option set on an Olympus
I use to record my worship gathering--nothing fancy here. I'm leading,
not being the audio engineer. Well, for public speaking, I speak
slowly and carefully, pausing for emphasis  or to let a thought sink
in. I usually have over an hour of recording. I had 37 minutes. The
recording was unusable because when I paused--or at least the machine
thought I paused--it shut off. Then I said the next word. It turned
on. What I ended up with was a recording where one word tripped over
another and every five to ten words, one was missing. I tracked down
the menu I had gotten into by mistake and changed the setting! Voice
activation is gone, gone gone. Merrill

On 1/21/06, David Tanner <david-tanner@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, all I can tell you for sure is that the company we deal with on our MN
> state contract is named Enpointe.  I don't have their website handy, but I
> am sure you can find them on the web.  They say it is due in February, and
> we have already asked them to add it to the list of items we will have on
> our list of technology that can be ordered  for our customers by our
> counselors.  I certainly can see recommending this recorder as a perfect fit
> for people to record their college classes.
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> : Hey, David, where would an individual get the new Olympus when it comes
> out?
> : Sounds fantastic!  Hope someone will demo it on BCT--I'm sure.  Beth
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