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Weeeeell, the DM-20 has one jack which switches between headphone and mike, so I wanted to make sure.

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Yes, the Olympus mike jacks can be used for auxiliary input, but I purchased the Olympus ptach cable to do it with, since it seems to have an appropriate amount of attenuation built in; the cable has a 1/8 inch plug on each end, but I have plugged a 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapter into one end and it works very well. I used this cable extensively when doing my music podcasts 22 and 23, to record directly from my stereo system (turntable, CD, tape, etc.)

The headphone jack is for either headphones or external speakers or your stereo; I often plug the Olympus (which ever one I happen to be using) into one of the switch boxes and the output is sent to either my stereo speakers or wireless headphones.


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