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    Hi Mary,

Yes I love the BP it's becoming a very handy device for me.  Sure beats trying 
to do everything on the PC.  I am reading Audible books on it right now and as 
soon as I get my two 1 GB CF cards I want to start putting some more things on 
it.  Yes I think the Braille option maybe useful as well as I don't currently 
read Braille.  Can I use the note taker function of the BP to practice grade 1 

I would like to see your cheat sheet if you don't mind, was going to make one 
myself but haven't gotten around to it yet.  I'll add anything I find useful to 
it and send it back to you.



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  I am also beginning to use my book port more and more. You just can't beat 
the battery life when reading books with it. I keep forgetting the key 
combinations though, and have to keep looking them up. I ended up creating a 
cheat sheet file to remember them. I found that podcasts will upload to it 
rather quickly if you go into options in the software and choose to upload the 
mP3 files as music. They upload to the book port a lot faster because they 
don't have all the extra place marks and stuff in them. It's turning into a 
real handy gadget. If you don't read braille, you can still read braile books 
from web braille or BookShare, because it will translate braille into plain 
text. I mention this because I know there are some on this list who don't know 
braille and might hesitate to sign up for web braille with NLS. The book port 
just turns all of that into speech. I haven't worked with daisy files yet, so 
don't know about how it works with daisy talking books.



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