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I just gave my local library a call and found that the typical check out
period for your old standard run of the mill print book from most local
libraries around here is 3 weeks. So, NetLibrary at 21 days isn't to far off
the mark.

Our local Langley library also makes Netlibrary available to us; as does the
CNIB Digital Library.

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Actually, Netlibrary was made available to us here in Louisville through our
regular public library at www.lfpl.org

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Well, quite frankly, here's one where I can see both sides of the debate. 
Okay, so, how exactly does one obtain the services of Net library?  I assume

it's got something to do with NLS.   Right?

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I believe that is a matter of opinion, as well as a matter of how full or
busy your life is.  For you, it might be quite sufficient, but for others,
who have many activities that consume their every day lives, besides reading
books, this period is not even close to a long enough interval.


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I don't think a 21 day 3 week checkout is unreasonable at all. My hope is
that NLS would use this method for allowing patrons to download books but it
seems they want to reinvent the wheel. Maybe it's time for the director to

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