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Greetings Ray.

Oh...... Wow. Roy, Reading something a lowly peasant like me wrote?
*chuckles* That would definitely be a treat. It would be the biggest ego
booster that I could ever receive.

Kai, who is trying to get that dreamy look off his face

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I quite agree.  In fact, let's expand on that idea.  How about
them all and doing a podcast for each one?

Hey, how about going even further.  Let's have members of this list
perhaps a couple of questions and even a small sample for the narrators
read.  Naturally, it would have to be original works.  In light of that,

Kai, can you just imagine Roy Avers doing a reading of "Echoes Of 
Myrithren"?  WOW!!!  Now wouldn't that be something?

Sincerely yours,
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Greetings Larry and List.

I'd love for someone to get an interview with Roy Avers. I love his
readings of The Bel Gariad, The Serpent War Saga, and various other
works of fantasy.
He's very good at getting into the story.


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