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I have the audio dramas as well. They are spectacular!

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  I have the Focus On The Family audio dramas of the Chronicles of Narnia, and 
they are absolutely amazing!  I've listened to them all, at least three times, 
and I got them two years ago for Christmas.  Pretty amazing stuff.

  Mary, I can't wait to start reading the space trilogy.  I wonder if the 
reader/s who read the original books from audiobooks.com will be reading these? 
 A lot of times, audible will just take an already produced book and just 
digitalize it into a downloadable format.

  Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

  P.S.  I think you're right about the email monster, it has  gone back to it's 
lair for the time being, there is entirely too much cheer and good positive 
energy, it must have just gotten overwhelmed.
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    Even still, I'd still love to read Beyond the Wardrobe. I'm in the process 
of listening to the NLS version of the Complete Chronicles of Narnia now. I'm 
almost finished with the fifth book. They're so well read, and the stories 
themselves are spellbinding! Happy holidays to all!

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      Hope, you are in for a treat! I have the Narnia books from NLS, and the 
space trilogy from audiobooks.com. I have read them often over the years, but 
the first of the space trilogy still fascinates me no end; the second is 
incredibly rich in description, and the third is a bit longer but well worth 

      Regarding Narnia: I think Beyond the Wardrobe is for people who need a 
good introduction to Narnia before they watch the Narnia movies in their 
various versions. NLS has the Narnia books in web braille and also on tape. Any 
way that you read them, you won't be able to quit once you get started! Merry 
Christmas, and let's keep the e-mail evil monster away! He can't stay around 
too long with all the holiday spirit flowing on this list!



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