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  • Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 13:36:51 -0800

Right there with ya, pal. I used to use a spam filter, but found I had to look at the spam anyway to ensure I didn't miss anything. Stupid, pointless, and ... stupid. I too think just deleting spam is much faster.

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"Actually Lynette, it is normal if the spam catcher is using the Beysian algorithm stuff and there is no white list. In English, that means that the program most often used to catch spam is based on an algorithm by a gent named Beysian. It learns as it reads spam messages. You can add a white list to such programs that says anything from such and such an address gets through whether you think it is spam or not.

The theory is fine, in practice, spam catchers catch legit email all the time because they are not all that smart, only kind of smart. I was in computer security for 30 years before leaving it in total boredom and disgust. I never use a spam filter of any kind because I've had too many legit emails caught by them, even fancy very expensive ones. I have developed the fastest delete finger in New England. [grin]


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