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Hi Maria. I don't know why, but sweet potatoes don't agree with me. I have had 
sweet potato pie a few times and really like it, but I guess sweet potatoes 
just arent sweet enough for me or something. I always go for the mashed 
potatoes and gravy instead, tons of that wonderful gravy! My Aunt Elaine 
insisted on making the mashed potatoes this year. I honestly don't know what 
she does to them, but they come out so yummy good! Maybe it's that butter. I 
love pumpkin pie too.

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  Hi Sabrina,
    Please, please, please!!! could you send me the recipe for sweet potato 
casserole?  I simply love sweet potatoes and all of the fruit you mentioned.  
Yum! yum! yum.  


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    My dad usually gets him a big plate with everything then after that he'll 
hit the desserts and try a little of everything.
    Have any of you tried sweet potato casserole?  Man that's one of my 
favorites!  It's mashed sweet potatoes with pineapple, pecans/    walnuts, 
coconut and I think it has raisins in it too but that's one dish I always look 
forward to because it's not just for the holidays, it's every time we have a 
big dinner at my aunt's house.
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      Hi Sabrina. Sounds yummy! My parents had a bunch of family over, plus 
some friends from church. We had turkey of course with all the trimmings. My 
Aunt Rita made the dressing, and it had Italian sausage in it. There was also a 
very good corn pudding that someone brought, and my mom made beets with a 
horseradish sauce. My grandma made her famous rolls, which are always 
practically before everyone gets one. There were so many desserts, it was hard 
to choose even a couple. Too many to name on list, but they were all excellent.
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        Subject: [bct] My thanksgiving

        Hi all,
        My parents and I decided to stay home and cook our dinner.  Actually, 
mom cooked it while dad worked outside.
        We had:  Ham, mashed potatoes, greenbeans, mustard greens, Macaroni and 
cheese, yellow rice, rolls and 3 different kinds of pie:  Million dollar pie, 
sweet potato pie and pecan pie.
        I ate dinner earlier when it was done and I just finished another plate 
a few minutes ago smiles.


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