[bct] My review of the M-Audio MicroTrack recorder

  • From: "Neal Ewers" <ewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 21:16:00 -0500

Hello all.  Larry has just posted a review I did of the MicroTrack
recorder.  I actually, quite by accident, sent the wrong file.  Don't
you love it when you do things like that.  There are only three
differences, but a couple are something I wanted to make sure listeners
of this review knew.
1.  The lesser important difference is that I talked about the fact that
my unit pops out of record when I least expect it.  I actually talk
about that twice and I was going to delete one.  So, my apologies to
people who have to listen to that twice.
2.  In the file I sent, there was no mention of the delete key which is
right above the record key.  Press once to delete, press again to

3.  This one is a bit more important.  I covered it somewhat, but not
directly enough.  When you want to record, you press the record button.
When you stop recording, you also press the record button.  Why do
people make things like that anyway?  If you are not monitoring the
recording through headphones and you forget weather you are recording or
if you have pressed the record button to stop recording...  Well, I
think you see the problem.  Why not a Stop button?  Good question, but
there isn't one.  So, I feel somewhat vulnerable if I'm walking around
thinking I am recording only to find out that I have either pressed the
button one too many times, or I didn't wait long enough for the unit to
boot up when I pressed it the first time.  Perhaps if enough people
complain about this, it might get changed in some future version of the
Anyway,  I wanted to highlight those couple points.  Also, wait a second
or so after I sign off the first time.  There is more after the signoff.
Thanks for listening and I would be happy to answer any questions you
have, provided I know or can find out the answer.
Neal Ewers

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