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You should definitely give Winamp a further look. You actually get a lot more functionality with Winamp than you do with windows media player. For example, you can build a playlist and determine how the tracks should be placed.
You can also play a lot of other file formats without a second guess. Winamp will play all the popular media formats, some with plugins downloadable from the internet, others like Ogg are built right in. No need to install plugins for that one. Plus, it just plane sounds better, thanks to it's graphical equalizer, which was previously not very accessible, but thanks to the awesome support JAWS 4.51 and up has, you can now fully use the equalizer without any sighted help whatsoever. You can even create custom presets for certain types of music so each song sounds its best. Windows media player just can't even compete.
I strongly recommend giving it another look. you will be very glad you did.

At 07:21 AM 5/23/2006, you wrote:
<less nervous>
It's OK, I've now got the codecs for Media Player. (Xiff?)

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Hi people.
I haven't even told Larry about this yet but I thought I'd share this with
you all first, because I already put it up on my own server, and I
appologise if thise is beyond and above list protocol as it could be
considered advertising.
Simply this.  I got my own set of church audio microphones today and I
wanted to get people's opinions on them
Please note:  I am not using the Sony MD internal preamp.  Anyone doing that
should really be hung, drawn and quartered very, very carefully.
Use a preamp and hook it to the line in.  That's what it's there for.
Anyways, have a link below, and I'd be interested in some feedback.
Sorry it's in 128 K ogg, I just prefer it personally, over mp3 format.


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