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I think the type of digital recorder you choose depends on what you want to
record with it.

For anyone who primarily needs a small note-taking device, which will
occasionally be used to record podcasts, the Olympus machines seem to be
adequate, especially when used in an environment with a fairly constant
level of background noise where the microphone hiss is pretty well drowned
out.  The advantage of the Olympus machines is that they are tiny and can
fit into any pocket, however small.

But if you want to make almost professional-sounding recordings in a
situation where noise levels vary greatly, or in a very quiet room where any
microphone noise would be noticeable, perhaps it would be worth looking at
something else.  I know the Edirol R1 is quite a bit larger than the
Olympus, which could be a disadvantage for some.

It's really a case of horses for courses and there probably isn't one
recorder which would suit everyone in every possible situation.


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Nobody talks about it, but the Olympus dm-20 is far and away quieter than
the ds2 or W series.  They do not give you as much recording time, but it
is more than adequate for doing podcasts.  In his Olympus comparison
podcast, Neal used one, and it was a dramatic improvement over the
other  Olympus models.  I see them for sale for $140 on the web.

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