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I hear ya, re the money. I really want that microtrack, but for two things: 1, it's approx $350, or so larry told me via email, and two, apparently it's not very accessible. And I dont' really want to wait three more months till I can buy something like that. But I would like quality if possible, and as long as it's decent, then that's what counts, I guess.

I like the way that iriver recordered in Christian's cast, not sure which one, think it's the irver in review, and the R1 when Hope did her casts, and Jamie when he did the chillocothe storm. And of course, Larry's. Dang it sounds like the cars are coming at you. Almost disorienting, not to mention decent quality.

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Yeah, count me in. If anyone wants to buy me a nice shiny new R09 when it comes out, you certainly may do so. I won't say no.
and yes, the ws 320 might have a bit of a noise floor, but not all of us have $500 to spend every time we want a digital recorder. Plus most of the people who buy those ws 320s don't really give 2 sh*ts about noise floors, or even know what one is. All they wanna do is record some notes or just do a cast while walking to work like Lary does. so no it's not perfect. but until some of us win the lottery, it's all we can afford.

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Well... Anyone wanna buy me a R1 then? hoihoihoih

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True. I have a cheep $30 GE tape recorder that could honestly compete in the noise flor with some of the Olympus machines, and although the recordings from the tape deck may have a few DB more noise, the quality may be better due to the lack of artifacts ----- Original Message ----- From: "Borris de Norie" <blindcoolborris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: "Amy" <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 9:10 PM Subject: [bct] Re: My personal churchaudio mic demo

> On 5/23/2006, 7:24:16 PM EST, Amy wrote: > >> Does anyone know if they would work ok with the Olympus DS-2? > > Yes, they would, but do yourself a favor and get something with a > lower noise floor if you're going to use decent microphones. It scares

> me just how noisy the ds-2 and 320 are for being digital recorders!
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