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Well, the interesting part is that there are some tape machines that are respectible enough to still be used in field recording even given the quality that we theoretically get from new portable recorders

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Well... Anyone wanna buy me a R1 then? hoihoihoih

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I have a cheep $30 GE tape recorder that could honestly compete in the
noise flor with some of the Olympus machines, and although the
from the tape deck may have a few DB more noise, the quality may be
due to the lack of artifacts
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On 5/23/2006, 7:24:16 PM EST, Amy wrote:

Does anyone know if they would work ok with the Olympus DS-2?

Yes, they would, but do yourself a favor and get something with a lower noise floor if you're going to use decent microphones. It scares

me just how noisy the ds-2 and 320 are for being digital recorders!

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