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Ride on brother!

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A couple things here and I'm done on this topic.
1.  I wish to thank people on this list for not being nearly as divisive on
this issue as some lists and other discussions have been.  The thing about
screen readers that really gets people up in arms is that screen readers are
ones eyes to the world.  I don't know of any other piece of software that
comes even close to being that important and that necessary for people,  Can
I do without Sound Forge? Well, it would probably mean that my studio would
work less efficiently, but I would get buy.  Can I do without the book port
and it's software?  Again, the answer is yes.  Would I miss it, you bet.
But, could I do without my screen reader which is my only means to connect
to any software and thus to any of my email friends, colleagues, etc., not
to mention to any work I do to make a living?  Now that, would be a very
dark day.  So, it is no wonder that people want to get as much as they can
out of the product that is their lifeline to the world.
2.  What I really wish, as I said in a previous message, is that price was
no barrier to people being able to have this window to the world.  For as
much as we complain about how much it costs, we likely have at least one of
the products in question.  There are people I know who can't afford either,
and thus, having a computer is not even an option even if they could afford
the hardware.  So, if any of you know of programs whereby people can get any
financial aid to purchase screen readers, I am sure people would like to
know about it.  I know, DVR and a few other agencies do help people in this
way because it is hoped that with a little bit of a start, people can make
it on their own.  But there are a lot of people who can not even justify how
using a computer would help them financially get on their feet because they
can't even afford to buy one and thus do not have any idea what their
potential would be if they had one.  I have often said that if I were really
rich, I would buy up lots of screen reader software and give it to people
who couldn't afford it.  Ah well, you don't see my web site that talks about
this, because I am not rich and I can't afford to do that.  But I certainly
do understand what a frustrating, life limiting thing it is not to be able
to have that window to the world.  I am glad that people on this list have
that, and I wish for all of you that you could have the very best of all
possible accessible software you could want.  So, perhaps I'll put down my
glass, get off the couch, and go try to raise a bit of money for people who
need it most.  I'm serious about that.  I know that one person can not move
a mountain, but one person can pick up a shovel and start digging.  So, if
you know of particular rocks one should look under for sources of income in
this endeavor, they would be welcome.  In the meantime, let's be glad that
we have two good products to choose from and let's all realize that those
two different companies are different enough to have us spend months on
comparing the two and trying to prove that X is better than Y.  They are
both great, and I am glad we have them and I'm also glad they are as
different as they are, because then, we have a choice.

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