[bct] Re: My job has been saved after all!

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As do I!  I do wish you many congratulations and hopefully they'll see
they've done the right thing and regret ever mentioning the words job and
loss in conjunction with you in the same sentence.

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  Hi Darrell,
  I just want to echo the sentiments of everyone else. I'm so happy to hear
that your job is saved! congratulations!


    At 07:44 PM 2/27/2006, you wrote:

    Hi all!

    I have learned this afternoon that my job will be saved.  I will be
creating, editing and reviewing knowledge base documentation for external
customers and other technical support engineers as well as moderating the
company's online forums.  All needed resources are sufficiently accessible.
My new position begins tomorrow morning!

    The right thing has been done here.  Thanks for all your prayers and

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