[bct] Re: My dandy little diddy called A song of Salvation

  • From: Buddy Brannan <buddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 21:42:03 -0500

I also use a flat rate long distnace service...actually, also a voice- over-IP service, for long distance. It's not provided by my ISP, but it's cheaper. $22.95/month (more if you prepay, but I didn't), I get unlimited calls to the US and Canada, and I can have a phone number somewhere other than where I live. in this case, my VOIP number is a Dallas, TX number so Melanie's sister can call us for free. Voice quality is good, and latency is minimal. Actually, I haven't really had any significant problems with it, nor with the service I used before that. The service I use now is called Viatalk, and is at
http://clickit.url123.com/viatalk (affiliate link)

Another service I've used--and been very happy with--is what amounts to a prepaid calling card. You sign up online, and you put a certain amount of money in your account, from $10 to $50, as you like, and your calls are charged against this balance. When you run low, you just go to the Website and put more money on. You can set it up to recognize your phone number, so you don't have to dial your 14-digit PIN every time, just the 800 access number (or local number if your area has one). This service is 2.9 cents/minute for calls to the lower 48, and real good international rates, too. Before I got the VOIP service (before I used Viatalk, I used Packet8), I used this service a lot, and it saved me lots of money. No connect fees, BTW. Anyway, that service is at:

Both are definitely worth a look!

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