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Hello Dana,
This is Maria, the Ma portion of Malyn.  I just wanted to write a few words to 
you to say how much I truly enjoyed your podcast.  To borrow the name of a 
great musical group, you have really been through "Earth, Wind and Fire".  I 
was truly entertained and astounded throughout your telling of your highs and 
lows, and how you persevered and arrived at the point where you are today.  

My regards to your wife--I'm sorry, her name escapes my poor memory at the 
moment--and I hope she is feeling much better following her accident.  Good 
luck with that suit; I think you should go after that scoundrel of a lawyer too.


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  Hi Friends:

  In order that you can understand the lyrics of
  my song of salvation you must understand a southern expression.  In the 
south, when we want to speak of something a week ago today, we say "last
  Sunday week", instead of a week ago last Sunday.  Keeping this in mind, here 
is my song of salvation.  It is written in the Hank Williams Junior vain and 
sung with music also composed by me and played on the guitar.  I hope I don't 
offend anyone with these postings.

  A Week Old Today

  Verse 1:

  If there's a smile on my face that aint been there before
  If it looks like my feet don't quite touch the floor
  If there's a song in my heart its cuz I'm happy to say
  Me and my Jesus are a week old today


  I found salvation last Sunday week
  Now there's no secrets just a promise to keep
  He told me he loved me and that he's here to stay
  Me and my Jesus are a week old today

  Verse 2:

  I've read the Bible in search of the proof
  Always denying the obvious truth
  Jesus he lived here and one day his life gave
  So that Dana the sinner one day he might save


  Verse 3:

  If you want what I got it's easy to get
  Just because it aint happened don't mean it won't yet
  Just open your Bible to the book of friend John
  Soon non believer you'll realize you're wrong


  I wrote this a week after that point I spoke of in my career cast submission 
to the BCT. program.  The time I am speaking of came just a week after 
finishing the Pastor's challenge I also mentioned.  Happy Sunday all!

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