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Jake ran into some technical issues this morning, so you should see a
few of them flood through this evening once he gets home and finishes
with his milk bone.  Debee's is one of them.

>>> neal.ewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wednesday, March 15, 2006 1:08:51 PM >>>
Debee, I don't see your podcast there yet.  Am I missing it or has
not uploaded it yet.  And you folks think that Larry does all that


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I just uploaded a 30-minute podcast demoing my new church-audio
binaurals. I used my PC, my MZ-NF610 MD recorder and my Archos jukebox
recorder to make the samples, and I described the mics a bit.

But at the end I did a very inept fade-out. So this isn't a problem
the mics, it is a problem with me not knowing how to do
very well.

I'm extremely happy with the mic quality and know it will improve my
future casts.

The mics can be bought from Chris Church:


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