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  • From: "Anthony rose" <santhonyr@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 13:57:01 -0600

Cool cool!  I really like Gold wave.  I haven't played around with a lot of 
recording programs.  Gold wave was about 40 bucks or so, and did what I needed 
it to do, so that was the one I went with.  Isn't it nice to know that there 
are so many different programs out there?  If we all liked the same thing, it 
would very soon get boring.
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From: Dana Niswonger 
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Subject: [bct] My Recorder Verdict

Hi Friends:

After playing with three recorders, Sound Forge, Gold Wave and Studio Recorder, 
I have come to the following conclusion.  Studio Recorder is the easiest to use 
strait off the web.  If you are looking for a piece of software that will allow 
you one key stroke commands to perform its primary functions then this is the 
program you want.  I did not need to read a book or even a help file to begin 
using its many features.  While I'll admit it doesn't have many of the special 
effects contained within the other two, yet, I'm sure Rob is not going to let 
us down when it comes to the final version.  For those of you who might have 
given it a try and found your recording to be distorted in play back mode, try 
normalizing the recording and it will sound much better.  I am pleased to say I 
am now working on my career/life cast and will be uploading it Monday next.  
While I will certainly keep my other two free trial versions of the popular 
programs, I wish to also point out that Gold Wave is only good for 150 commands 
before shut down and Sound Forge only works for 30 days.  Studio Recorder works 
for 90 days.  I also, as yet do not have an expensive microphone so I found 
Studio Recorders normalize option allowed me the highest quality recording 
without all the hassle of figuring out what to adjust to make it sound better.  
I am anxiously listening forward to the next release of this easy to use 

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