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When I joined this list, I thought the majority of the messages would have 
purely content about technical gadgets or tips for their use.  I have very much 
enjoyed hearing about the personalities and interests of the variety of blind 
people who have contributed their comments.  Thanks Maria for replying to 
Dana's earlier post, because I had missed it in the large volume that sometimes 
gets deleted as I skim through the messages.  What better type of message could 
we hear at this time of the year when we celebrate the birth of the Son of god 
who gave his very life as a gift to all who will receive it!  Merry CHRISTmas 
to all.  
Mike Justice, 

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  Hi Dana,

  Somehow in my email reading I missed this one of yours.  I am so happy that I 
don't erase emails right away.  I got on the list today and was surprised to 
hear that I had some unread messages because I was sure I had read through 
everything.  Well, I arrowed down and found the unread ones and lo and behold, 
here was this story of yours from a couple of days ago.  What a wonderful 
story.  It was just beautiful.  Lynne and I too believe in giving, sometimes 
till it hurts, but what a wonderful feeling it is to see someone in need 
receive; a gift, some attention; a little lovin', whatever.  I have often said 
to Lynne that if I had a lot of money, it wouldn't be for long, because I would 
try to help as many as I could.  

  I guess you can tell by now that I loved your story.  (grin)  Perhaps you 
could change the names to protect the innocent or guilty parties, and submit it 
to a magazine?  


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    Hi Friends:
    After I posted last night, I realized I had made an error in judgment 
regarding telling you the price of the mixer I purchased.  So those of you who 
do not like reading about my life can easily know the answer to the question 
you ask, I will tell you now that the mixer is a Hercules, DJ. Console.  While 
you can purchase it at Radio Shack, it will cost you $249.95, plus tax.  Now 
for the rest of you who like reading the stories surrounding my life 
experiences, please read on and enjoy.

    The Circle Game
    The Story, not the song

    I spent sessions during the summer at FJB. camp Bloomfield when I was a 
child.  One of the many songs we sang around the campfire was a folk song by 
Buffy Saint Marie called, The Circle Game.  Its theme was based on a premise 
that life constantly loops back on itself, I have found this to be quite true.

    In 1995, I purchased three pieces of equipment from Radio Shack.  A multi 
band programmable scanner, A Sony hand held cassette recorder and a set of 
headphones containing an AM/FM radio.  I kept the latter two but returned the 
scanner.  The products were sold to me by a young woman named Robin.  At that 
time, she worked as a sales person for the store in the Lake Side Shopping 
Center, Anderson South Carolina.  When I returned the scanner, it was obvious 
to both Rejenia and I that Robin had been crying.  The store manager was a man 
called Haskell Taylor.  We noticed that when we were making our purchases that 
he seemed to belittle Robin, finally telling her to go in the back and 
repackage the batteries that had been returned.  As Robin was upset upon our 
return, she made a mistake and gave me $20.00's to much money back.  We left 
without counting the money and went to purchase the scanner at Brendles who 
were closing out there store in the Mall.  When I took out my money to buy the 
new scanner, I discovered Robin's error.  When we returned to the store once 
again to give her back the extra $20.00's, it was clear, she was angry.  She 
just took the money from my hand and didn't say anything.  We left, confused 
about her actions as she had been quite friendly on our previous visits.  
Thinking no more about it, we went on with our life, until the next day.  The 
phone rang about noon and it was Robin.  She ask if she might come visit us in 
our home and we agreed, being curious about what had happened to her and why 
she acted the way she did.  She came that very afternoon and we found out 
exactly what happened.  Robin told us that MR. Taylor had been bothering her 
with sarcasm and insults all the previous day.  This upset us as we too noticed 
it, as I have told you.  I agreed to file a complaint with there headquarters 
in Fort Worth and did so immediately.  I heard no more from Robin but when I 
returned from guide dog school and visited the store again, she was now the 
manager.  We had a quiet few moments celebrating her victory and she also told 
us that she would have been written up formally and fired the next time had I 
not returned the money we were  over paid.  In talking with Robin, we shared 
many things about ourselves, learning of her elderly Mother and her boy friend 
in Charlotte North Carolina.  We told her that one of our favorite movies is, 
The Magnificent Obsession, starring a very exuberant, young Rock Hudson.  The 
theme of this movie, for those who haven't seen it, is that one should 
continually try and find unsung ways to help others by giving, telling no one 
of your deed and swearing the receiver to secrecy.  Trusting the store for a 
moment to a few of her employees, Robin ask us into her office.  She announced 
that if I ever wanted to purchase anything else in the way of equipment from 
Radio Shack, I was to contact her first, explaining what I wanted and wait 
until she told me to come and make my purchase.  Our friendship with Robin 
continued and we visited her store many times, always under the conditions she 
specified.  When we arrived, she took us into her office and announced the 
price she was going to charge me for the item.  I had also been told never to 
ask questions about the price and not to ever worry about what she was doing.  
I followed these rules because any time I made a fuss, she would tell me to get 
out of her store, after taking my money or she would call the police.  Unknown 
to us, as we haven't bought anything at Radio Shack in more than a year.  Not 
only had we moved from Anderson South Carolina but so had Robin and her Mother. 
 One week ago today, I called the Radio Shack nearest me and a slightly older, 
very familiar sounding woman answered the phone.  It was indeed Robin and we 
learned of our coincidence? we both burst into tears.  After getting 
reacquainted , I told her that I needed a mixer.  We exchanged phone numbers 
and Robin, of course, said she would get back to me a little later in the week. 
 She called Wednesday and told me to come in Friday afternoon.  We did,and the 
rest is history, or is it?

    I hope you all understand why I couldn't answer your question last night 
but I needed to ask Robin's permission first.

    Dana Paul Niswonger
    Honestly imperfect.
    Living Life to It's Fullness

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