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I haven't yet listened to the music therapy podcast but I'm looking forward to doing so in the coming week. My sister who is blind was in a music therapy program for a few years and really enjoyed it. The program was called Initial Therapy through the Arts, and was held at a local branch of what is now the Music Institute of Chicago. I too took lessons there for a few years but my family and I haven't been associated with them for a long time due to other commitments. We had some excellent teachers though, some of whom might still be there for all I know.
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Hi Jamie,

Just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast on music therapy.
I listened to it three times and am saving it in my archives for future
reference. I work at a place called Lighthouse International in Manhattan.
It has a child development center which accepts blind and sighted children.
Well, every Tuesday I get to listen to the music therapist work with them.
The other day they were having such a good time, I had to leave my desk to
peek in the music room.

By the way, Lynnette and I had the pleasure of hearing Ken Medema in concert
some years back and chatting a bit with him afterward. We both thought he
was simply amazing. the concert was held in a large church sanctuary, and
he filled that space with his voice and his synthesizer. I tell you, even
the murals on the wall were rockin'. Do you know if he is still recording
CD's, and if so, where can we find them? I'd love to hear some of his newer

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Thanks for your comments. I currently subcontract with a therapist who has
business in Kansas City. She has set me up with several private clients. I
am currently also seeing some students at a state school here in
Chillicothe. My wife who is sighted and has a background in special
education is working with me. She provides much feedback and assistance in
working with the kiddos. I didn't require this assistance while working
the geriatric population I described in my submission. The children,
however, are quite a challenge. I love it and my wife and I enjoy working
together. The only downside is the less than steady pay check. I fervently
believe and pray that 2006 will be a better year for us in the financial
department than 2005, but one cannot expect self-employment to go
especially in the first months. Thanks again for the positive feedback.

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Jamie your podcast on being a music therapist was extremely interesting.
am sure there must be studies that show how music affects a person's brain
chemistry. It certainly seems to have a positive effect on some people
have worked with. The nice thing is that it is therapy with no
side effects, unlike many prescription drugs.

Do you have to seek out clients on your own as an independent contractor,
do you work for a company that refers clients to you?

I think your job would be challenging but the gratification of seeing that
you have made a positive impact on someone else's life must be quite
rewarding. Thanks for informing me a little bit about a career I knew
nothing about.


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