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Major phasing issues, you bet.  The problem, or at least one problem is
that binaural mikes are omni directional and thus they pick up some
sound at 180 degrees off axes or behind them.  So, now you have two sets
of mikes whose 180 degree off axes is being mixed into separate channels
along with the sound from the front of 4 mikes.  I don't think you will
like the sound.  It's a great idea, but people who make this kind of
array have done a lot to deal with the problems encountered here.


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> But is there software that would turn these two stereo sound sources 
> into a surround sound file and editors that would mix them?

The question is, is it really worth it? With a setup like that, you run
into major phasing issues. Everything would have to be calibrated very
very finely. One thing off and the whole mix goes right down the tube.

Speaking of such setups, Audio Technica does have a 7.1 channel mic
array, but I don't know much about it.

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