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Fred, first, welcome to the list.  I own a 4 track recorder from Sound
Devices.  It is the 744t from

It records to either or both a flash card and a 40 gig hard drive

Accessible?  Well, that depends on what you mean.  There were many
things done to make this recorder more accessible than it might have
been without the help of various people.  In addition, they are soon
coming out with a device that allows you to have a keypad connected to
the device which will allow you to record macros.  So, if you go to a
particular menu and change X parameter, you will be able to record a
macro of the steps you take and link it to a keystroke.  That is about
as accessible as I think you will find.  And now the bad news.  The
price is about $4000.  Sorry, I didn't really mean to pop your bubble,
and perhaps I didn't, but there you have it.

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    My name is Fred Rains and I am new to the list.  This has probably
been covered here before, but I would be interested to know if anyone
has found a multitrack digital recorder that is accessible.  I read some
information on an older model Fostex MR-8 that sounds like it might be
useable and I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with it.

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