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  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 19:32:08 -0400

Thanks Jenny. I actually read some of the manual for this unit, and even though it is advertised as having one knob per function, it still has a menu system for performing some tasks. I could handle memorizing some menues, but some of the menue navigation is performed using a wheel for scrolling through options. Not sure I could use that without sighted help. It would be interesting to know if anyone here is using this unit.


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fred. At one point i was also looking for such an item and found something i thought would work well, although I did not end up purchasing a multi track recorder at the time. It is called a tascam dp01FX. This is an 8 trakc recorder with a 40 gb hard drive in it as well as mixing and effects processing capabilities. this unit was about $500. Both the sound professionals and music 123 carried it. They also have a model that is a bit cheaper without the effects processor and not as many inputs. the thing that struck me about this item is that it advertises one knob per function operation. Meaning, the thing is controlled by knobs rather than a bunch of menus you would have to memorize controlled by one set of buttons. if you're not looking for something small and portabl, this might work for you.


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Hi Neal and Dan,

Sounds great, but just a little out of my price range. Thanks for the response though.


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I second Dan's opinion.  I own a recording studio and I have done a lot
of research on things that are out there.  I would put this at the very
top with regard to quiet mike pre-amps, ease of use, stability, number
of free updates you get, you will never have to pay for an upgrade, etc.


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If my experience with the two track version of the machine Neal described is any indication, it is worth every penny of the price assuming you can

meet said price in the first place.  I never thought such high quality
recording possible until the Sound Devices machine.  Pair it with a good

microphone and a decent room and you can produce recordings that rival
best anywhere.


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