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  • From: Michael Busboom <mbusboom@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 21:47:29 +0100

Hello Merrill,

I'd be extremely interested in discussing your experiences with Gmail. For a while, I tried to use it with their Basic HTML interface but it was so slow that I decided to go a different route. Several friends of mine have been raving about Thunderbird and I have installed that email client. I am using it with Window-Eyes and it sort of works okay. There are some instability issues but these seem to be a Thunderbird problem, not a Window-Eyes issue.

I would have preferred using Eudora, my email client of choice with Gmail, but I couldn't resolve some of the SSL certificate issues. I finally gave up. If anyone has successfully used Eudora with Gmail, please share your wisdom with me!

My best to all,


Merrill Louise wrote:
I'm using gmail which is supposed to group by conversation---I like
it--but I get duplicates, too. Merrill

On 1/22/06, Debbie Gillespie <dgillespie@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
MessageHi Neal:

I am using outlook express and I do have the Group Messages by Conversation
checked.  What happens though is I have several threads of messages with the
same subject line.  AS I mentioned earlier, (well, maybe I didn't <grin>)
not all mailing lists have this problem.  Freelists seems to be the one that
does the most.

thanks very much for your suggestions.

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Debbie, if you are using Outlook, I'm not sure about Outlook Express, you can have your messages read by conversation topic. In outlook, go to the view menu, arrow right and read down the list until you get to messages read by conversation topic. Press enter. Now, all the messages with exactly the same subject will be read to you at one time. You simply right arrow to open the list of messages in that topic and arrow through the messages until you find one you need. If you want to delete the entire thread, simply place your cursor on the root of the thread and press Delete.

  If you're not using Outlook or Outlook Express, I don't think there is a
way.  On the other hand, does this list have an archive folder some place on
the web?  I haven't heard that it does, but if it does, that might also be a


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Hello all:

    If this question has been asked before I apologize.  Is there a way I
can have all of the messages related to a subject in one thread?  It makes
managing mail somewhat cumbersome.  This only seems to happen with some
mailing lists and not others.

Thanks for any ideas.

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